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I don't understand why more parents don't purchase the baby monitor that beeps if your baby doesn't move (breathe, move, etc.) for more than 20 seconds. It isn't that expensive, only $75, especially when you compare it to the life of yo...
ZevasMom | Last answer
My 4 month old son Cooper passed december 17...24 hours after his second round of shots. The pathology report hasn't come back yet but the specialist are saying they think it's SIDS. I'm not a doctor but I was always under the impression...
hurtdaddy | Last answer
I was wondering if anyone can tell me what they think they would do in this situation as it is something I am currently faced with. My 4 mth old daughter died on 1/13/12 of SIDS while at daycare. Not only did the daycare provider admited...
lmullins | Last answer
Is it bad that I'm scared to have another child because my other three children were born perfectly healthy? Im terrified that I've been so blessed this long with never a miscarriage or anything that something may would go wrong with my ...
mommyto3girlies | Last answer
Where do I purchase a Sids breathing monitor in London? There is lots of information on the web sites but none tell me where to buy. I want to ourchase one from Australia but delivery in London. Thanks Robyn
robyn491 | Last answer
I was pregnant and came across this forum, I've noticed many babies died after getting there immunizations at 2 months. Why? Does anyone know?? My baby is two wks today and I'm terrified of taking him to get his shots. Thanx for reading.
babyinJuly | Last answer
Hi everyone i have only just joined tonight. I lost my beautiful daughter at 3 1/2 months in November which shattered my world. Then 2 weeks ago i found out i was pregnant again then miscarried last week. I really need to know that ot...
misskriss | Last answer
My brother was 9 months old when he was taken from my father of SIDS... To this day, my father still blames himself for Brandon's death....Has anyone found what causes SIDS ? It's such a horrible thing to go through.....
MOM23ANGELS | Last answer
A friend of mine had a healthy 6lb baby boy 3 months ago, and this morning he passed away from SIDS. Asking everyone of you to keep her and her husband in your thoughts and prayers as i cannot imagine the pain they are feeling on this Ch...
Breezy21612 | Last answer
Im a breastfeeding mother of a four week old boy. He has been throwing and spitting up a lot and it comes out of his nose too most of the time. I've decided to co-sleep with him in my big bed, with a flat surface and tilted to the side a...
bigmamapagaza | Last answer
Im a new mom to a week old baby and im a worried about the whole sids thing pluse need helpe.
chasmine2013 | Last answer
I was just a little girl around 10 years old the date was march 7 1997. Its was around 9 in the morning when the phone rang. I was watching tv with my mother, brother and sister. My mom picked up the phone my older sister was in the othe...
actright | Last answer
I don't really have a question am just looking for other people to walk to that have been through the same thing I am going through. My son was born on April 26, 2011 and he passed away on July 8, 2011. My husband and I only got to spen...
Aya426 | Last answer
i heard breast feeding can cause sids? if so explain when is it ok to place a child on their belly to sleep? can sids be caused by something done during the pregnancy?(like smoking or drinking)
channy525 | Last answer
Hey. I never had a baby I had a cousin who died of SIDS but, three weeks ago I had a miscarriage and have been struggling with my emotions. But every thing I have read here, wow. Women are so strong. And I just wanted to say thankyou.
MableMouse | Last answer
Good morning everyone Yesterday my bestfriend son passed away yesterday..we don't know why until the doctors let us know in a few days..but he wasn't breathing when he got to the hospital..today my little nephew was going to be 4 month...
Whitney1222 | Posted
My second was classed as stillborn a year later. My third I miscarried at 14 weeks. followed by two more miscarriages. I now have a gorgoeous 4, nearly 5 year old boy, who is a shiny star. He has saved my life, however it does not, and...
Eliza001 | Last answer
My son passed at the age of 2 months in 2003 and last Sunday we found my 2 month old son in his bassinet and he was not breathing thank god we were able to bring him back. Doctors say that he was in the early stages of SIDS and we got to...
hey i lost a little girl just under three years ago to cot death wonder if there is anyone who had being thru this if its possible for a chat and sum support :) xx
claire_baby | Last answer
Hi, I lost my son of four months last August. I have recently received the coroners report which i felt asked more question than it answered... His cause of death was stated as unascertainable (pending ongoing investigation). I rang the...
meagz86 | Last answer
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