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When something happens in your life and it is too much to handle mentally and physically and you just don't want to feel it anymore.

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My son committed suicide at 23 years old after a very stressful life with his father (I didn't know how bad it was, my son never gave any clue). What sorts of things drive a person to actually take their own life? I just want to unders...
BluCrystal | Last answer
I'm failing. At work. Again. It's a recurring pattern for me. I did really well in business school, worked a few years in sales for a big company until I deteriorated in my ability to focus, manage the stress and get through th...
gandolfication | Last answer
My daughter is 30 years old - last fall had a major life meltdown and we've almost lost her four times now. I have been in her shoes and therefore, feel responsible for the gene that has her feeling this way. How can I help her? She i...
zenboo | Last answer
I have suicide dreams frequently, what does it mean? I always wake up just before dying. Suicide is always an option for me and I have made three attempts, but it has been a while. In the dreams I don't feel bad about trying to kill m...
MarnieJan712 | Posted
HELP. the last few nights i have taken 30x 10mg propanaol tablets, its not a lot but its still 300mg every eveing for 3 nights, tonight i want to do more, but am now worrying about what i have done
terry1963 | Last answer
been depressed for years , i hold everything in , been in sp once, now im back in the wrong moods and im ready to end my life i think ive done everything i wanted to do im tired of being in pain and also im tired of pretty much everythi...
justr83 | Last answer
i want to write my problem...i don't know whether you can help me or not!...but if you help me,i'll be really glad and thankful:)...please thanks god for not being instead of me!!!this is my problem:99 percent of my friends and people li...
honey156 | Last answer
I was very depressed in high school and I didn't really know it. My parents split when I was 15 and I was not really socially accepted at school as much as I wanted to be. My parents didn't really pay much attention to me growing up beca...
dh123423 | Last answer
I always reach this point used to be every 6 months or so i would lose control and act impulsively then it was every few months and now its weeks, whats the point, anxiety driving me crazy feel like a totally useless person i hate myself...
inneedofhelp82 | Last answer
I'm not really sure why. I'm manic depressive, and it can come on very suddenly and stay in a down cycle for some time. I'm sure some has to do with stress and pressure at work, the economy, all that stuff, and wondering if I'll get th...
gandolfication | Last answer
i just tried typing everything i was feeling and this thing wont let me? im easily frustrated & agitated. its little things like this that makes me snap. what do i do?
EternalRage | Last answer
I was diagnosed with depression about 5 years ago. Upto that point in my life, I was quite far from anything resemblinga man with any mental illness of any kind. I was extremely confident, outgoing, succesful at work, a happy man living ...
cdm763 | Last answer
Im only 17, I cant live my life anymore. I cant do it, I cant carry on dragging each day on. Life is ******* unfair. It is so hardand I dont know how people get through it. I have horrible anxiety of throwing up and it has ripped my ...
j17c27 | Last answer
I've been doing this for years, in and out of the hospital, and I just can't do it anymore... I've absolutely had enough. I have no energy to fight it anymore, I'm tired of them coming to get me and putting me there and trying useless at...
janice150 | Last answer
I attempted suicide for the fourth time in my life around two weeks ago. I took about half a bottle of ibprofen, fourth a bottle of extra strength tylenol, a random amount of sleeping pills, and some pills I don't know the description o...
MelancholyMoo | Last answer
Im 52 years old Have major depression and have thoughts of hurting myself my hubby knows about the thoughts and the cutting and burning. but I still can't tell him that I have very strong thoughts of hurting my self. need advice
menu52 | Last answer
I am 32 years young and physically chellged with severe cerebral palsy. I'm physically disaled from one hand and both legs. .i am not able to stand own legs.and also not able to sit without support.. My father and mother also died sin...
khalid_khan | Last answer
hello.....well everything all started when i was 15 i lost my favorite uncle and i seen how bad it effected everyubody else i became stong to support them and once they was feeling better they assumed i was and kept going on with there t...
kelkel2020 | Last answer
If you're not acting on suicidal feelings, and you've started taking drugs, etc, how do you know when you should tell your doctor that maybe you need another step? I'm too broke to die. don't want to leave my daughter with my debt. it's ...
torrancegal | Last answer
What about ECT treatment? Has anyone tried this?
Gran60 | Last answer
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