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For all of us out there who are TTC on our own whether by charting, temping, taking herbals ETC.! I'm waiting on my lil pumpkin how bout you?

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I was sexually active during my fertile days and I started to get very bad aches on my lower back and pelvic area right after my ovulation. I also had cramps. I found myself spotting on the day my period was due but it was very light tha...
AnjuMenon | Posted
It's only been 2 months and I think we are already starting to feel overwhelmed so we are thinking of stopping the whole tracking proces and just let it happen naturally after CD 5 - Any success stories?
Prayerwarrior22 | Posted
Hi I'm new here ile get started. Me n my partner had sex 3 days before I ovulated and thru ovulation, now my af was meant to start yday but no show, I've had light period cramps and backache at night now for 5 days my nipples started get...
Feefee009 | Posted
Hi, My AF has made an appearence, I have also been given Clomid.. Im ment to take them on CD 2-6... So would that mean I would have to take it as from tomorrow?? Confused..
AmyUK89 | Posted
Hiya, I am currently ttc baby #3. I wasn't using opk's I decided just to go with it for the 1st few months, like I did with my other 2 baby's. Any way I'm using fertility friend to keep track of my cycle and to give me a rough idea of w...
kirstymummy | Posted
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has been tracking their BBT and if you find it helpful. I find mine is a bit off the wall and I experience huge leaps on a day to day basis sometimes. Is that normal?
JenJen25 | Last answer
I just did a test too, on day 8 of my cycle. LH was 8.82 Estradiol 71 Total testosterone 0.73 FSH 6.45 Free T4 13.59 TSH 0.83 Total T3 103
MDGreaves | Last answer
Nerida Walker testimony. Her and her husband was told by doctors he will never have children of his own because he was diagnosed as being sterile. The Bible called those who were unable to conceive "barren". Today the terms "infertili...
Godisfaithful | Last answer
Check out this website to help: http://health.howstuffworks.com/pregnancy-and-parenting/pregnancy/conception/how-long-after-sex-does-conception-occur2.htm
Godisfaithful | Posted
.first things first, my cylces last an average of 30 days. my last period was may 3rd 2012 and according to my calender/calculator it says my ovulation day is the 18th of may (many websites have given me this date... this is also CD17). ...
misslee1387 | Last answer
well quick history lost my angel baby at 20 weeks may 18. currently trying to concieve again, currently day 14 after ovulation and still havent tested. due for period around sunday fathers day. looking for ladies that might be around sa...
beautifulmum | Posted
im in cycle day 14 i feel so bloated and for the past 2 days my stomach looks a little bigger in my lower abdomen. has any of you experience this before. i feel also, nausea, very bloated, and twinges in lower abdomen. could this be ov...
hansen20 | Last answer
hi si hubby and i have been ttc for a while now... had a miscarriage in september and really would like some tips... we really dont want to do clomid or anything... thanks ladies!!!!!
midget89 | Posted
Just joined this group and notice there's not much recent activity, although there are 124 members. I'm optimistically thinking that's because you're all pregnant now and active on other groups! ;-) So really, anyone on this list an...
blindbat101 | Last answer
I have done Ovulation test but i havent tracked really anything besides when AF comes and goes. Is it true normally to start trying 14 days from the start of AF??? when else can i do. we have been trying since August!
Kristin2295 | Last answer
just come home from an app with consultant and have got 2 months of blood tests an sperm tests to do.whilst we were there the nurse tested my urine and said there was blood in my urine!my partner asked what does that mean and she said'it...
leah86 | Last answer
what is conceive plus?
illsurvive | Last answer
My bf and I have been ttc for three months.the very first month i started af a week early and had MAJOR cramping a week before that.the next month i,again,started af a week early but with no cramping(usualy only have it the first day of ...
lee432 | Last answer
I am 34 years of age. I had a laparascopic surgery for cysts back in feb. me and my husband have been TTC since the surgery. last month i was 9dpo and this month im 3 dpo so far. i feel a little different but with both my children i hat ...
Tiffan322 | Posted
Ok so I have been spotting off and on for like 2 wks. It is a brown discharge like what I get at the end of my period or when my period is about to start, but no full period. No sign of O and no positive pregnancy test. This is also the ...
SteelesRose | Posted
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