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Well it happened again. I had pinworms when I was in the 3rd and 4th grade and quickly got rid of the infection. Now I'm in 8th grade(fourteen) and I got it! I don't even know why! I shower everyday and wash my hands well after the bathr...
Saraparker | Posted
Hi. I'm 13 and I have had a white/clear liquid discharge coming from my vagina area. I've had it for about one year now and I am very concerned it might be something serious. I think it started around when I had my first period. I have n...
Unicorn35790 | Last answer
hi im a 16 year old female and when i was getting ready to take a shower i noticed both of my breasts have a pinkish red spot to the side of the nipple. also last week, my nipples started burning so bad that i had to rub vasoline on them...
katiekat41 | Last answer
Alright, I'm fourteen and I have had sex twice and both times the next day and a few days after that I feel sick to my stomach and I cant eat for those days and i feel like throwing up if I smell certain things like I had sex with this g...
TheeOne | Last answer
i have an issue.. my penis drops a clear sticky discharge , when i stand after sitting for sometime, at night , after talking to my girlfriend and even after normal conversations , my penis releases 2,3 drops , i am worried because it ca...
hurhizu | Posted
im 16 years and i had imaginary friends scine i was 4yrs old.they are mostly tv cartoons and they grew with me in every thing in my life but now i want to get rid of them i try 4 times or more to but its hand cause i grew up being by my ...
godgoldenangel | Last answer
I'm 13 years old and I noticed that I have small white bumps by the base of my penis, they dont itch or feel painful and i cannot figure out what they are.
troymaster | Posted
It's been a few weeks since I've had this "pimple" a bit below my right eye (I don't even know if it really is a pimple, although that's what people here at home call it) and it is not showing any signs of disappearing. It is not too lar...
Mleonor | Posted
Hi,I am 18.I have this problem on my scotrum.I have been seeing a small patch of white stuff near my peehole.it is somehow hard.Its in just small portion of peehole just outside it.Is it something dangerous?
MillerStreet | Posted
how much masturbation is too much and unhealthy?
vickyvk | Last answer
Me and my girlfriend slept together a couple nights ago. We are both virgins but we were messing around with no clothes on. There was no penetration and I did not ejaculate but there was grinding and rubbing. This happened on the 25th an...
Tedburgundy | Last answer
what does it mean when my semen is black? is that something i should have a concern about?
theminie15 | Last answer
Hello everybody!Im a teenager boy and i feel like a girl!Im going to cry because im bad at maths(my teacher give a change for a good grade in january).I tried at home to practice it 20 minutes but nothing seems to work.I know only basic ...
ABCD934 | Last answer
I just took my 12 year old son to the er for pain in his scrotum. They did an ultrasound and found that he has a cyst and has testicular stones. I cant find anything on these stones. The dr said they are rare and does not know to much ab...
wanttoknow78 | Last comment
I'm a virgin. My boyfriend and I were messing around and he rubbed his penis against my vagaina without a condom on. Some of his *** was on my vagaina afterwards. I've been on birth control for 8 months now. My period is due today, but i...
Eyeofatiger | Posted
I am 16 year old guy.I used to be very good looking and never had any acne problems thanks to my diet and lifestyle. I used to have a strong jawline and symmetry in my face but for the past two weeks I am noticing that my facial structur...
Policeaggarwal1_ | Last answer
I think I have a Disorder of Sex Development? My private parts don't look right. I used to have two sets of ""lips"". They have fused together, I only have one set now. This one set of ""lips"" are very big, and have grown together? If I...
LadyBunny28 | Posted
(three months earlier) I went to go in the pool and my mom put chlorine in the pool two hours earlier and didn't tell me and ever since I go tout of the pool my vulva has been lighter and a little red a more sensitive. I have been puttin...
with school and my OCD/anxiety. A couple days ago (maybe 2 or 3) I masturbated so guilty about) fingering myself as usual. However, today I experienced bloody discharge. It was clear with streets of blood through it. It can't be my pe...
aabbddqq | Last answer
so, for about 2-3 weeks I have 1 or 2 pimples type bumps around my vagina, it's around the area where my panty line is, and it looks like there is a ingrown hair in one of them, but for the past 3-4 days I've have this pimple type thing ...
greir789 | Posted
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