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This patient support community is for discussions relating to temporomandibular joint issues including headaches and managing pain.

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TReniG24 minutes
JonalyFeb 01
ontornaiOct 17, 2015
mandapaintsSep 05, 2015
seventh55Aug 09, 2015
By luthela Blank
I have 5 teeth pulled out on Aug 6th (four wisdom, one fractured). Now the bruise and the swollen has gone. But eve...
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By mirelasa
Hello, I am currently 17 years old. I have experienced jaw locking and jaw clicking for over 8 months right now. I...
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JoygracesJul 19, 2015
campingdogsJun 06, 2015
PTZ58Nov 03, 2013
Burg123Sep 23, 2011
By number40Fan Blank
First off. 28 year old male. 6'5" 235 lbs. I work as a mechanic. About a month ago now, I started having proble...
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Dru79Jul 22, 2014
Dru79Jul 22, 2014
compnetSep 10, 2010
acoyaSep 02, 2010
By Havraha Blank
All of this started about 2 years ago when my jaw got tight once and it popped, explosively. It did that 2 or 3 more...
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By Justnik001
From early adolescence i have had health issues and chronic pain . Muscle, joint , grinding and poping throughout eve...
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SharronFAug 27, 2013
LivingInHopeMar 03, 2013
LivingInHopeMar 02, 2013
el59Mar 02, 2013
By clara2020 Blank
Please help!!! i'm asking this on behalf of a friend whose life is blighted by tinnitus. He recently investigated T...
902263 tn?1245218153
JeanneC56May 13
Ramin Mehregan, DMD Jun 04, 2009
TMJDocMay 31, 2009
Dana821May 30, 2009
karifrommichiganMay 21, 2009
By dana007 Blank
I have had a crossbite since as far as I remember. I started treatment with braces when I was 13, and had them remove...
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tickedApr 18
By Emme80 Blank
I've dealt with TMD(TMJ) for over 20yrs. I was told I've -the jaw of a severely worn out 90yr. old woman. Specialists...
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By nicoleellis76
I snapped my ring finger back pretty hard and far almost 2 weeks ago. I knew it would be sore, so I just iced it and ...
17277382 tn?1455213410
By TMJLady
Hi folks, I was diagnosed with Arthritic TMJ Dysfunction six years ago. After nine surgeries trying to repair ...
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By Berrylynnsunshine53
What if you was hit in your mouth and your upper front teeth word up word for the to No and Vee and your whole face s...
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By KLGirl87
Hello All, I've never used a site like this before so please be patient with me, hopefully I've got this in the ri...
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LunaLu17Jul 22, 2015
OneeightyApr 03, 2015
faithgracesOct 09, 2013
By bee57 Blank
An initial root canal had been too shallow, had left some of the infected root in the tooth, and allowed the infectio...
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TMJDoctorJan 11
TMJDocMar 02, 2009
preciousgirlFeb 26, 2009
TMJDocFeb 25, 2009
By preciousgirl Blank
I have been diagnosed with TMJ after I was having extreme ear pain in both ears with no infection, extreme teeth pain...
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By t_k17 Blank
Hi, I currently have a crossbite and have been told by the dentist that I clench and grind my teeth too much. Thi...
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scottmaAug 05, 2008
hoho603Aug 05, 2008
scottmaAug 04, 2008
By hoho603 Blank
I had implant done on tooth #10 in the middle of April, 2008. the doctor who is a general dentist did extraction and ...
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By Fish120 Blank
I've been getting headaches, and my jaw has been locking up and hurts if I clench my teeth. Could it be tmj? If so, ...
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venummmNov 13, 2015
lampshadyJun 01, 2014
Jenna795Apr 07, 2010
scottmaJan 27, 2010
bethenyxxJan 23, 2010
By bethenyxx Blank
For about 6 months, I have been having random, sharp, shooting head pains that strike at anytime. I wouldn't exactly ...
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I have been having severe pains in my knee for about 5 years now.Intially when it started i was giving an OLFTEN GEL ...
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By Raahul_PU Blank
Hello All I had the wisdom teeth on either side of my lower jaw and in right side of my upper jaw on 14/10/2015. F...
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