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This patient support community is for discussions relating to temporomandibular joint issues including headaches and managing pain.

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267076 tn?1270677931
By lilcee Blank
The last few days I've been getting a weird feeling in my lip when I chew - just on one side. It feels like a snappin...
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By LeonKG Blank
Hello, my jaw/teeth/head has been annoying me a lot for the past few weeks. I've had depression/anxiety for a long ti...
Avatar f tn
By magster123 Blank
I have had a daily toothache for 2+ years, after having 2 root canals on the tooth and still no let-up on the pain. I...
Avatar f tn
By JhonDoe121912 Blank
So About Three days ago i started to get severe cramp like pain and felt it like on my anis to i know wierd well ever...
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MKlaczaApr 01, 2008
pistonsFAN86Feb 29, 2008
Lucy4550Dec 21, 2007
brcdmdDec 20, 2007
liz30355Dec 19, 2007
By pajamas Blank
I think a doctor finally gave me an answer regarding my symptoms (daily one-sided headache and recent ear ache on sam...
Avatar f tn
By usera1553 Blank
I have TMJD mostly right side. I have had major tooth extractions, vertigo, and loss of grip right side. Mine is du...
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usera1553Oct 29, 2014
dbayroSep 21, 2008
tmjpainAug 31, 2008
scottmaAug 21, 2008
By tmjpain Blank
Has anyone had botox injections for severe headaches related to tmj?
Avatar m tn
rocksolid321Oct 21, 2014
By alexpat Blank
I got punched in the face a couple of days ago. It was on the nose and it started bleeding but i dont think its broke...
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mkmoihiuOct 16, 2014
ginna12Oct 02, 2008
scottmaSep 29, 2008
By ginna12 Blank
I just had dental implants last week and have been experiencing discomfort in my jaw, eye, face, ear and slightly d...
Avatar m tn
By rocksolid321 Blank
So I have been working on massage of muscles in my mouth and I think it could be helping. Everybody do a search for ...
Avatar f tn
scottmaSep 07, 2014
konnimahSep 05, 2014
By ams1989 Blank
Hello everyone this post might be long but I am desperate for help. I am about to be 25 and I am lost. It all started...
Avatar m tn
konnimahSep 05, 2014
CalathanNov 26, 2010
ABS8865Nov 26, 2010
tickedNov 24, 2010
acoyaSep 11, 2010
By Calathan Blank
I've been using a dental mouthguard at night for the last few years because my dentist said I was grinding my teeth a...
Avatar m tn
scottmaAug 23, 2014
By TS1978 Blank
Not sure if this is the correct forum for this post, but thought I'd give it a shot. I'm a 36 year old healthy male....
7938534 tn?1395595061
By Greeny17 Blank
tjm with nuro symptoms? What can it course? Does anyone suffer from sezuires Due to tmj?
Avatar m tn
By luckyman316 Blank
Ever since July of last year, when I had my first dental crown placed (tooth #31), I've been having issues. It starte...
Avatar m tn
By Jedder Blank
Last year I kicked my shed door closed with crocks on and hurt my right big toe. It swelled up and bruising all over ...
Avatar m tn
By newbie01 Blank
I've been having having these bizarre cramps in my left leg for a few months, which denies the movement of joint, kin...
Avatar f tn
By Hende101 Blank
I've had this before but toinight I haven't been able to get to sleep because if a pain in my eg which won't do away ...
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bonetiredJul 24, 2014
LivingInHopeJun 12, 2013
overit4nowJun 11, 2013
LivingInHopeJun 05, 2013
overit4nowJun 04, 2013
By overit4now Blank
I have a small lump about the size if a BB or small pea that sometime gets a bit bigger right on top if the joint in ...
1166456 tn?1417309137
17643OakJul 16, 2014
melissalangSep 12, 2012
melissalangSep 12, 2012
shesabstraktJan 17, 2012
lindahandJan 16, 2012
By shesabstrakt Blank
If you read my other post..( Which I have been undiagnosed with weird/painful symptoms for almost 2 years now ) http:...
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