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I have pain that is in the hip and leg. They took x-rays and there is hole in the bone. I'm trying to see what it is
djs1958 | Last answer
I was diagnosed with TMJ by an ENT when they couldn't find anything wrong with my ears. For several months I just had a lot of pressure in my head and specifically my ears. It felt like I had constant fluid build up. I saw several ...
owlways | Last answer
I am 69 years old and am having almost constant wisdom toothache pain in my lower left wisdom tooth. This tooth has never given me a bit of trouble before. I visited my dentist who referred me to a dental surgeon since the wisdom tooth i...
dopecxmh | Last answer
I have noticed a small bump on the edge of my top lip. It is not on completely on the outside or the inside of my mouth, but in between. If I put my lips together you can not see it or feel it. The bump seems to have the same shape as a ...
ljjd | Posted
I was hit by my daughter head in the throat. It fanned out and life has not been the same since. I've learned that I've hyoid bone syndrome. My quest for pain relief has been an endless trail of Doctors that have no knowledge of this syn...
justinpain | Last answer
I am 25 years old, generally healthy lifestyle, and very well read when it comes to medicine and clinical literature. I recently noticed some kind of growth on the right underside of my jaw. I can move it around, etc, but it is small and...
boston88 | Posted
I have experienced TMJ for about 10 years now. I do have a nightguard, but it definitely is worn down/ground down, and I intend replacing it soon (400 buckies lol). I have also had anxiety about various things , work, self esteem, etc, a...
calmshell | Posted
Hi, Over the past few weeks i suffered a great deal of tooth ache,but left it too long due to my fear and bad experiences in the past. I left it to the point where my tooth nerve was dying and was painful to drink hot and cold drink...
jenn1462 | Posted
I have recently been told by a consultant that I have Tmj disorder and I have pain pretty much all the time at the moment, however, I have now developed new pain in the roof of my mouth. It is on the hard area at the back. Can anyone t...
Steepdene | Posted
Can someone translate this article http://www.zapaleniestawow.eu/zwyrodnienie-stawu-skroniowo-zuchwowego.html
thomasjac | Last answer
Last week I had 3 wisdom teeth removed. One was impacted, but it never gave me trouble. My problem is six days after surgery I have a large knot on my jawbone in front of where the impacted tooth was, and it hurts down into my neck! I ...
mshellek | Last answer
I clinch my jaw, grind my teeth, little popping sounds in my jaw, ear pain and pain in my right temple. My jaws dont lock up, but they did several times years ago. Dentist has never said anything about my teeth being out of line or worn...
libbie123 | Posted
October 8th I got my 2 wisdom teeth out and now I possibly have an infection and a dry socket. My question is, if I do have it how will they clean it and will it hurt if they put dressing in it and will they numb you first?? I'm so scar...
hansen20 | Posted
And low grade fever ? I have been diagnosed with TMJ for many years. I have severe pain in neck ,ears, throat,, head ... but I never knew if grade fever and swollen glands are related. What are they?
BarryLyndon32 | Last answer
I have TMJ and have been going to physical therapy for exercises and ultra sound for 2 weeks. Left side most involved. Last Sat. after eating ice cream I had terrible 8 to 10 cramping spasm pain on left side. Since then off and on I am...
Aria2140 | Last answer
I had fillings done in mid August on my front left tooth and the one beside it. They came out twice and were redone for a 3rd time. I am in constant pain day and night. I have visited 2 endodontists who claim they see no need for a ro...
charlotte123710 | Posted
Hi all, My husband has been suffering from TMJ and tinnitus for several years now. He has seen dentists, jaw specialists (wears a night mouthguard), had an MRI (clear), had acupuncture and seen a chiropractor. All to no avail. Can his t...
Calla11 | Last answer
Anyone here with OA of the tmj? I'm only 37 years old and I have tmj OA as well as displaced discs. I suffer from ear, jaw, neck and shoulder pain from time to time. Is there anyway to heal this or must I accept that this will be a li...
Julievee | Last answer
i am lightheaded all the time my jaw pops every time i open it i have a neck ache most of the time and i got really bad headaches in the back of the head and i feel like i have to apply pressure on my teeth for it to feel better i have ...
Adee123 | Last answer
I have no jaw pain some occasionally popping. My dentist says I have TMJ and need a mouth guard. These anxiety attacks started after getting a front bridge and have 2 crowns.I have been really tense having dizziness spells very tight hun...
dizzyteach | Last answer
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