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The writers circle is designed for persons with a passion for writing and is willing to share their work and feedback with others. This group caters to all Medhelp users who feel a need to break away from the heavy and lose themselves into something beautiful. Follow me.
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I have posted this as a journal entry here before, so I apologize if anyone already read it.! This is an excerpt, Chapter One of a b...
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My name is Anneka, everyone calls me Anna or Neka. I am 20 years old and I live in Kingston Jamaica. I have a beautiful daughter, her nam...
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Hm. Well, I think for me, it is something I just enjoy doing all the way around. I can feel the magic of putting words together and it ...
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So, I'm not sure what you'd like me to do here or if you are going to post here. What is your idea of how things should go?
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LOL I am jesting of course ..so what you up to ..you have to put the first piece up to get us going LOL
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Hi there! Well, congrats on starting your new group. What is your vision?? Are we going to write various things and share it here? Th...
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