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What does "7 mm low T1 and increased T2 signal enhancing nodule which is at the posterior latera margin of the thyroid gland ." mean on an MRI report? I understand I have a nodule in the left lobe but I need to know what does low T1 and...
endurance560 | Last answer
Hi All... I am almost 11 years out from my TT. In August, I started having breathing problems (possibly asthma or bronchitis), and was put on Prednisone. At the same time, I began experiencing hot flashes. Not sure if it was only the med...
Terri627 | Last answer
Hi Recently I had a blood test for thyroid and no issues. Doctor said he felt no nodes but scheduled an ultrasound just to be safe. It Is in a week. However I keep getting worried that I feel nodes. How big would they feel and would I...
LaxFan16 | Last answer
New to this.....I had left lobe out beginning of May 14 came back 2 weeks later as cancer...had right lobe out beginning of June 14....came back clean....pathology is not definitive in anyway...says I have huerthle and a touch of just ab...
Tammyboos | Last answer
there taking it out the sept 18th..the surgeon said when they did the biopsy was a cold spot..it never showed in the report. We all agreed to take the right side out. The big nodule be tested again.. Waite 4 month's see how the hormone'...
jimgreg | Last answer
First of all, sorry for my bad english. I'm writting from Spain and I'd like to make you a question. I'm male 35 years old. When I was 31, doctors detected accidentally some nodes in muy thyroid. I still don't know if they are cancer...
santitxo | Last answer
Hi , Ive had surgery for thyroid cancer on 22 sept, since then i have a very hoarse voice, thats not the problem - its that when i try and speak in normal voice i feel i am being choked with just a few words and short of breath, I also f...
Manju1 | Last answer
Hi ,my daughter who is 28 years old was recently diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer. they are removing her total thyroid plus lymph nodes around it, they also found cancer in her lymph node in neck. the doctor said it was unusual to...
july297 | Last answer
I came across the following link: http://www.hope4cancer.com/information/sabrina-overcomes-thyroid-cancer.html and it looks too good to be true, unless the diagnosis was incorrect. I am viewing surgery as a last resort but IMHO it is t...
898_1 | Last answer
Hi, My husband is 42 years old and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and thyroid gland was removed this year Jan. He is under the medication of synthroid now.Before this issue also he was having high levels of triglyceride in this bloo...
Aaradhana58 | Last answer
Hi all, was just wondering your thoughts on taking thyroglobulin levels for thyroid cancer whilst on meds. I had TT in 2008, found pap thyroid cancer with lymph node involvement, neck and sternum and uptake in lungs, after two RAI's ...
helsurf | Last answer
My mom had her CT Scan. Details of the CT Scan report are the following: Interpretation: High frequency scanning of the neck shows the following: The right thyroid lobe measures 1.8x6x1.4cm with a complex ovoid focus measuring 1.2x...
Chermalin | Last answer
I have a complex, vascular, calcified 3cm mass on my left thyroid and also a parotid mass. Anyone have any info at all? I am a 6 year cancer survivor so very worried. Thanks
saraand | Last answer
I was diagnosed papillary thyroid cancer in 2006. I had total thyroidectomy and rai. Ultrasound in beginning march 14 revealed nothing in thyroid bed. Repeat ultrasound two weeks ago revealed whole new thyroid gland with a mass on each s...
Nellepark | Last answer
Hello, So my saga began 8 months ago when I noticed a small lump in my thyroid. I was referred to an Endo. My bloods were all within normal range apart from my TSH which was very low and below range. My Endo doesn't seem that concerne...
wysewoman | Last answer
Hello, Im in such shock with all of this but can someone please give me some insight on thyroid cancer. My mom has just been diagnosed with Graves, Hashimotos and thyroid cancer. She is going for a biopsy to see what kind it is. She ment...
gash0116 | Last answer
Can I eat plantains ? If so can they be fried and have garlic and lemon ?
TaraMyster | Last answer
I am a Thyroid Cancer survivor of 10+ years and recently my Dr. showed me that my Tg tests results were consistently .3 and this last test result showed .9 He has ordered an ultra-sound and a repeat of the blood tests. Is this increas...
Healthymatters | Last answer
I was trying to find out when will I be able to have sex with my husband after RAI, but then I found out that its half life is 8 days, so if my dosage is 125, in 8 days it will be half of that and so on....that means that it will not lea...
thycaPR | Last answer
I am 8 months post of for Medullary Carcinoma and Parathyroid disease. The entire thyroid and one parathyroid were removed. The scar looks almost non-existent, my energy levels are more or less normal, my calcitonin and calcium levels ...
BTuck70 | Last answer
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