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Discussion of symptoms for thyroid disorders and relationship to fibromyalgia.
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I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about ten years ago. This was probably about 20 years after I first developed the problem. ...
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I just came to join and I see a lot of questions and no answers , whats the point in starting a group then not coming to help folks and a...
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My son got some problem in thyroid, during eating it bulges. we gone thro' for a consultant, ENT specialist and he advised to check by sc...
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Hi i dont know how i ended up here,my mother is already registered with you ,about my FIBROMYALGIA PROBLEM,BUT WE WERE NEVER TOLD THEYRE ...
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Hi, I am 57 years old, have achy joints, swollen fingers in the morning, low B/P and low pulse..( 90/60 and HR of 60 or lower) have Reyn...
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I just wanted to say hi and that I am new to the group.
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I'm 19 years old. I was very very active and athletic and was able to eat almost all foods. This was up until about a month and a half ...
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Could someone please explain the link and the information about thyroid issues and fibromyalgia??
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This is the first time I have seen this group and it appears it might be the place to be. About a year ago I was diagnosed with hypothyro...
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I was diagnosed 6 years ago with Hashimoto Thyroiditis. My bloodlevels are w/i the range so my endocronologist declares me to be okay. ...
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Hello all! Just wanted to check in and give a friendly hello to everyone in the support group. Botanical Wisdom is here to listen...
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