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I am writing for my wife who has suffered from trigeminal neuralgia for about four years,and she would like to know if anyone in the forum has woke up at night with pain so bad that they were shivering and their teeth were chattering. ...
lucky33844 | Last answer
My sister in law is diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia ... she is currently on Pregalin 75 for 6 weeks ??? Is it curable
Aashu2306 | Last answer
I have had Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia for almost four years. I also have Anesthesia Dolorosa. I was wondering what everyone's triggers are. I seem to have some that are not "textbook" like you read everywhere. For instance, I find...
rennee0122 | Last answer
I have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. I am currently working with a neurologist trying to get the right dose of Carbatrol. I do not want to hear a lot of negative reactions to my treatment. I am not sure I could take it at thi...
Ineedanickname | Last answer
My dr has referred me to a rheumatologist for further tests for Lupus. I've exhibited some of the symptoms like the butterfly rash and some joint pain. My sed rate has been high on the last 3 blood draws which is an indicator of inflamma...
mamabear0710 | Last answer
Has anyone seen a relationship between trigeminal neuralgia and chronic migraines?
GinnySy | Last answer
For 3 months, my tongue, gum, lips, nostril, cheek, eye, forehead, ear on right side are numb. Recent MRI shows cavernous malformation in upper PONS appears "swollen" and has a developed a "rim" due to "seeping" when compared to last MR...
Pribzzzz | Last answer
WOW. This is terrible. Is there anyone out there who is able to maintain employment with this? The pain and dizziness have left me unable to function.
aydensmoma | Last answer
Hi, I'm just wondering if it's possible to have TN with only one trigger. I have these very painful shocks on my cheeks, front of jaw, chin, sometimes eyebrows, and it's on both sides of the face but usually left side, and only brought o...
snowypickles | Last answer
(This is extremely long but I am EXTREMELY desperate in trying to get better..) I am 20 years old female, In September (2014), I was feeling more tired than usual with. I didn’t think it was that out of the ordinary since I am stud...
cm912 | Last answer
Has anyone developed Trigeminal Neuralgia after having damage done to their eyes due to Lasik surgery?
ttaz187 | Last answer
I have a 30y/o niece that has had a problem with recurrent shingles. First on her feet, then on the left side of her face. She now has severe pain to the left side of her face along with recurrent blisters to the area. She has seen mult...
CBales | Last answer
Can pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia ever effect the ear and ear lobe?
s54 | Last answer
I have had TN (Trigeminal Neuralgia) now for about 17 years. Sharp stabbing pain at times right side of face, usually centered around upper right teeth/top of lip/bottom of nose area. Have had two Gamma Knife procedures done 10/05 and ...
JEFF3636 | Last answer
I had cranial surgery where they put I the Teflon pad in so it doesn't grow back 5 months ago, but I have the pain still. It's not as bad as before but close. I had the stabbing pain and I've had to up my meds.again. The meds don't wo...
nanci1968 | Posted
recently i had microvascular decompression surgery for TN. all of the pain from the Trigeminal has stopped and i'm taking no meds. my question is why is their so much hemi- facial movement after the surgery. the face is pulling so much ...
iliv2golf | Posted
I have been prescribed Lyrica please can anyone tell me How soon should I expect to get relief. I'm in so much pain at the moment it doesnt seem to have made helped at all. thanks
tufftycup | Last answer
I hurt from my neck to my very numb toes. My arms and legs hurt and my knees hurt so bad I can barely stand or walk. One my Dr is planning a thoracic MRI. WHat will this show?
LesaToddTaylor06 | Posted
Hello, my name is Rena and I am looking for some guidance. I have had MS since 1993. In 2006 I had a severe bout of pain in left temple with my left eye drooping badly. I was MISDIAGNOSED with Paratrigeminal Neuralgia by the head of t...
Rena706 | Last answer
Hi I have started the burning, tingling and weired sensation for last cople of months on rigth side of my face. It started right after a dental filling. First they thought it is dental issue then my dentist didn't find anything and diag...
schitte | Last answer
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