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I've noticed a strange thing that happens when I'm talking to several people. Actually, I can only think of three people this happens with (one friend of a friend (female age 41), & two co-workers (male age ~25 & female age ~40)). I'...
StrangeAsItEverWas | Last answer
Hi, So this is my first blog ever. I hope I dont mess it up to much. I have really run out of options and am at a lost on how to help myself tackle my current situation. About 4 years ago now I got my wisdom teeth removed, which I th...
jesse_ryann | Last answer
Hello. I previously posted on the labyrinthitis board here seeking help because I thought it may have been the cause of my problems but I beleive I was wrong. I am a 21 year old male student. I am pretty fit because I stay active. Last O...
Grumblies | Posted
Hello, I'm unsure If I'm posting in the right area, but I desperately need answer of some sort. I don't normally do this but I am worried about myself, I feel I have suffered from social anxiety disorder for most of my life but I am ...
gcxjo | Last answer
I'm posting on the behalf of a friend of mine. I'll be as detailed as I can but it's largely second hand information. She's around 5''1, average body mass and 24 years of age. In around 2008 she caught some kind of throat infection w...
Delusion | Last answer
Saturday night something came on me I cant explain. At 10 pm I was watching t.v when all of a sudden it hit me out of now where. My heart started racing. I felt a strange sense of severe panic. I began to feel confused, and disoriented. ...
jscropper76 | Last answer
I am a 17 year old female, who has been fairly healthy. Two months ago I began getting severe pain in my LUQ. It was so severe I was in bed for two weeks. Then my period started, and I passed it off as weird period symptoms, but still we...
CAS4204 | Posted
I've had this patch for awhile now, it really is super duper itchy and sometimes at work I need to excuse myself to go to the loo just to give it a good scratch. Powder helps slightly only food awhile. The best thing is I don't recall be...
ahham2012 | Posted
Hi there, I have stopped my 3 month contraception last year October, havent bled at all as yet. I have been sexually active I have since gained weight, have this weird cramps. I get the cramps all over in the abdominal area... so...
JayceeF | Posted
Not sure if this is the correct place to put this. Hello, I have a small concern about my head. Well, for a long time, I have suffered from sinusitis. Had a lot of tests did to me, such as MRI, X-Rays, and a few more. Everything came ...
rmjuarez12 | Posted
Symptoms: Diarrhea which has lasted off and on for more than three months, swollen lymph nodes which have been swollen for over a month (groin, both sides of neck, under chin and one armpit), small anal fissure, mucus with stool on occas...
I should start from the beginning of my medical adventure. A little more than a year ago I started waking up in the middle of the night in a state of panic. Heart racing, a cold feeling up my body, muscles spasms in my legs & a worry tha...
BrandonB53 | Posted
My girlfriend has been having the following symptoms for the past two days - weak, tired, throbbing head, nausea, and light headed. We have no idea what's wrong, but she has had random symptoms like this in the past. She also occasionall...
Ghejt | Posted
I am 14 and I have no clue what makes me act this way- I got to private school and something is going on with me. I once ran out of the school and I almost got hit by a car. The teachers had to walk me back because i was in shock. But no...
Iizawesomerthanu | Posted
I get this pain in my head followed by memory loss, can't remember what I was doing, can't do simple tasks, hard to talk, veins get big like blood is rushing through fast, blurry vision, feeling like I am watching myself through a windo...
Failuretoexcel | Posted
im gonna sound crazy but here goes some days im so disgusted with food i dont go near it and than at night ill eat everything in sight and be disgusted with myself completely i jus had two children a yr ago gained 60 llbs and have lost n...
confused303 | Last answer
Hi im lizzy and im 18. i weigh between 7 to 8 stone and im 5'4. Well somtimes I end up running late for the bus to college, so I try to run part of the way but over the past few weeks, maybe 2 months, i been haveing trouble running s...
seanto | Posted
I am an active 42 yr. old woman, I am in decent shape cardiovascular, and weight wise. It seems like every road leads to Fibromyalgia,and all the stuff doctors say to go with that. I was suddenly struck with pain 15 years ago, I have had...
KAKE25 | Posted
For the past four months (almost) I have been feeling dizziness, constant pressure in/around the front of my head, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, and - most disturbingly - rather severe mental fogginess. It came on all of a sudden ...
rburrillo | Posted
My Dad has gudeness for few minutes for past 10 years, we did enough diagonising with various doctors in India and Gulf, but no doctors identified the problems. We did enough MRI,CT Scans and EEG tests, but these results were normal. Som...
Shameema | Posted