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I fear for my sanity, because... Well I dunno how to say what I wanna say without becoming judged. I guess I feel under a lot of stress right now, from some changes in my life. In the last few days I have become obsessed with t...
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where are they going? what are they looking for, ruling out? something!!!! Driving me crazy CURRENT ILLNESS LIST Fibromyalgia Borderline personality disorder Premenstrual dysphoric disorder Mood disorder Post traumatic Stress...
pandrous | Posted
for the past 4 months ive had chest pain. it started in june with sudden on set of pvcs. so i decided to go cardiac route first. i had all the blood work and a stress test with ultrasound as well as halter monitor. all normal. so i am no...
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My husband, 52 yrs old, has stroke like parylesis episodes for 2 weeks. All kinds of tests came back good. Had back pain for years, none since episodes started. Spit up blood 3 weeks ago - stopped after 4 days. Can an ulcer or tumor in s...
kihaun | Posted
Had a pretty bad head cold, had a sinus infection and all that goodness. After it was all over, a cough stayed. In the past week or so I've been getting short of breath and I've been experiencing some weakness as well. No gasping, no cou...
Daimoth | Posted
For about two years now I experience tremors that spread throughout my body, from my chest to my arms and legs and neck. It's almost as if I'm shivering uncontrollably. It happens when I get tired or nervous or upset usually, and sometim...
Rockagoodbye | Posted
So, I've had voices in my head since I was a little kid. I never told anyone about it, ever. Not my parents, not my friends, not my teachers. My mom just figured I had imaginary friends and that I'd grow out of it. I never did. They got ...
mytacism | Posted
I had a sexual contact with a girl. here eyes used to glow and she has touched here glowing eyes to mine also she had visible nipple discharge and i sucked several times and i had a fresh open wounds and she had sprayed blood. also we h...
rah692 | Posted
my sister is 21 years old and has suffered for two years with an unexplained illness. she describes it as: A stomach clenching feeling (like you get riding a roller coaster), the inability to control her body movements(shaking), and incr...
jessabean | Posted
I have been trying to pretend this isn't happening to me my whole life.. It's time I came to the realization of the fact that I am NOT normal - not in the least.. First of all, I am 32.. When I was 20, I was diagnosed with tourettes s...
peep773 | Posted
OK I have been on a Chemo Called Interferon and it is for Skin Cancer ..Melanoma . So I just got off it 2 Months ago. Now the side effects of the above Chemo is Flue Like feels and Cramping of the Legs / Muscles . Now I had cancer the ...
ladyrhea4 | Posted
I Can Just Be Sitting at my dest then suddenly i have a tingeling sensation not extreme below my sternum and through my chest lasting about 3 seconds and i kinda gasp to get a breath then i go back to normal. this happens once every coup...
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