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A place where people can share their symptoms and struggles with the unknown.

Founded by Novkortera on April 21, 2010
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margypopsMar 12, 2011
By Maniacalplague Blank
I fear for my sanity, because... Well I dunno how to say what I wanna say without becoming judged. I guess I fe...
303051 tn?1369253234
By pandrous Blank
where are they going? what are they looking for, ruling out? something!!!! Driving me crazy CURRENT ILLNESS LIST...
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Brandy44Nov 22, 2010
margypopsNov 20, 2010
digger1313Oct 01, 2010
By digger1313 Blank
for the past 4 months ive had chest pain. it started in june with sudden on set of pvcs. so i decided to go cardiac r...
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By kihaun Blank
My husband, 52 yrs old, has stroke like parylesis episodes for 2 weeks. All kinds of tests came back good. Had back p...
1431210 tn?1283268299
By Daimoth Blank
Had a pretty bad head cold, had a sinus infection and all that goodness. After it was all over, a cough stayed. In th...
1373331 tn?1278568953
By Rockagoodbye Blank
For about two years now I experience tremors that spread throughout my body, from my chest to my arms and legs and ne...
1357470 tn?1277325668
By mytacism Blank
So, I've had voices in my head since I was a little kid. I never told anyone about it, ever. Not my parents, not my f...
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By rah692 Blank
I had a sexual contact with a girl. here eyes used to glow and she has touched here glowing eyes to mine also she ha...
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By jessabean Blank
my sister is 21 years old and has suffered for two years with an unexplained illness. she describes it as: A stomach ...
1315039 tn?1274222141
By peep773 Blank
I have been trying to pretend this isn't happening to me my whole life.. It's time I came to the realization of the f...
1316708 tn?1310919782
By ladyrhea4 Blank
OK I have been on a Chemo Called Interferon and it is for Skin Cancer ..Melanoma . So I just got off it 2 Months ago...
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NovkorteraMay 03, 2010
macca2010130Apr 28, 2010
NovkorteraApr 27, 2010
By macca2010130 Blank
I Can Just Be Sitting at my dest then suddenly i have a tingeling sensation not extreme below my sternum and through ...
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