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I had a hysterectomy and a bladder repair mesh sling done in 2008. I have had hip and leg pain ever since, very painful. Now my bladder is prolapsed, my doctor said that the sling is in place, but why is my bladder prolapsed??why?? I hav...
Shelia21 | Last answer
I stand all day, have upper, side leg, right hip, and knee pain, all intensifys when I try to sleep. Have mild knee arthritis. Doctors say the pain is from my knee's, and the way I am standing to offset that pain. I have had cortisone...
8Cupcake | Last answer
I ended up with a stitch through my bladder following a sling procedure. To remove it, the original incision on my lower abdomen was reopened. The stitch was located, clipped from the bladder through a cystoscope, and pulled out through ...
MSH_35 | Last answer
My main concern right now is this awful burning in my urethra and and urgency. I had a mua and a urine culture last week. both came up negative but before the culture came back, i started cipro 500mg, bidx7d. it started to feel better f...
abbyjean7 | Last answer
I have MS, however I am not positive this is cause of my problem. I have very large fibroids and an enlarged uterus. Is it possible this is causing the incontinence? What happens is usually after sitting I stand up and I have an urge...
Kiki7777 | Last answer
I have gone through all kinds of tests, finally diagnosed with a moderate cystocele and rectocele along with stress incontinence. The recommendation is surgery, however the earliest they can do is 10 weeks out. Personally, the worse pa...
anne4772 | Last answer
When having sexual intercourse bladder leakage occurs. If I use my intermittent catheter before even having foreplay and sex will it provide relief from leakage during the foreplay and intercourse
2721 | Last answer
Hi. I did not get to finish my previous post--I hit the post question before I was done. So I'll just start over. I'm 19 years old, and will be getting my first pelvic exam soon. I'm absolutely terrified of having it done. I hate the i...
Clara_123 | Last answer
Hi, I am 21 and my husband and I are wanting to have a baby. We are high school sweethearts and just couldn't wait any longer! I only have one kidney. My left kidney was taken from a UPJ obstruction and a reflux in both ureters. I have...
Racbarlow | Last answer
I have MS, and I went to a urogynecologist after I wet myself. That was a fun milestone. :( I am 35 years old. The doctor found that my pelvic floor is very week, and my uterus is too low. My bladder emptying was good, with very littl...
beachcomber13 | Last answer
hi, I am 45 and I have had uterine prolapse, cystocele and rectocele for years. Never caused me much issue, but my gyne said since I was having pain with sex and some pelvic pressure that I should go see a urogyne. Which I did. Ever s...
gochoosy | Last answer
I am a 23 year old female newly diagnosed with a rectocele and a rectal prolapse. I have been dealing with chronic constipation for over a year and it has been quite an ongoing, painful, annoying position. I have seen two different GI Dr...
lovetoRN | Last answer
About 2 weeks ago I had a TVT done and now I've noticed that my vagina is closed it doesn’t really hurt but it feels heavy and very uncomfortable and I've never had this problem before. Can you tell me if this problem was caused by the ...
kjhgfd | Last answer
Had a hysterectomy 10 weeks ago. (July 2013) 4 followups - everything healing & looks n feels great 8/31 - excruciating pain on left side to adbdomen - almost all day - off and on No pain urinating or burning 9/3 - saw obgyn - urine ...
jeanne148 | Last answer
I am 43 and I have had three children. My first childbirth was very difficult with my child becoming "stuck" more or less. Forceps were used 4 times as well as vacuum suction. This birth resulted in a 4th degree tear after episotomy. I h...
DLo757 | Last answer
Due to a bladder prolapse, I am scheduled for an abdominal sacral colpopexy. Is there any chance that my redundant colon will complicate the procedure and could the outcome be affected?
lexi709 | Last answer
After my uterine prolapse surgery I started scratching (itching) in the genital area, so applied feminine cream. I also started feeling heaviness and pressure in the vagina. Could my scratching and using the cream have caused this he...
pleasant76 | Last answer
Hello: I have searched the web to find a place to write to women who are seeking support for their rectocele situation. I just had rectocele repair surgery three weeks ago. Before I had the repair, I had looked many times for encouragi...
pomponette | Last answer
Am 20 years old, when i use the bathroom my urine gives off a high odor that makes me feel really embarrass. I dont have any infection because i get check ups not regularly but i normally do! WHY DO MY URINE SMELL SO HIGH?!! PLEASE RE...
Sashikule | Last answer
I have a slight swelling of my outer vagina lips, slight swelling of the tummy and my milk ducks are showing does anyone know what this might be
c4a | Posted
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