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This patient support community is for discussions relating to urology issues, benign prostate disease, penis curvature, cystisis, pediatric urology, prostate, sexual dysfunction and urological cancers.

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Avatar m tn
By Hello100923
This is going on for weeks now. I have this ticklish feeling on my left testicle and left groin area. It's on and...
Avatar m tn
By Azhar123
I am 24 year old male, come across following symptoms past one and a half month 1) My urine stream splits and some...
Avatar f tn
sunomaApr 25
Dr J Singh Nov 03, 2009
By Pathologygirl Blank
Hi, My friends 5 year old daughter has recently been passing blood when urinating. Her mother has informed him that ...
Avatar n tn
By kovilen
hi , i have itching sensation inside the perineal areas. i precise its inside..no pain when i pass urine but i feel i...
Avatar m tn
DepresedApr 25
ScalpMassagerOct 03, 2015
xavierqOct 02, 2015
FojeezySep 30, 2013
Bhupinder Kaur, MD Sep 28, 2013
By Fojeezy Blank
I saw a urologist for discomfort I was facing from my testes. I thought it might have been from weight-lifting or ab ...
Avatar m tn
abin10Apr 25
denvermanJul 19, 2011
abe0101Jul 19, 2011
denvermanJul 14, 2011
abe0101Jul 14, 2011
By abe0101 Blank
Hello, my name is Abraham and I had surgery for testicular torsion about 2 years ago. I did not know what the proc...
Avatar m tn
By davit21
I was diagnosed with kidney stones (3.6mm and 5.4mm) and it's been 5 days I take medicine (rowatinex, omnic, diclofen...
Avatar m tn
By britlestix
Hello, I am a 28 year old female with nausea, joint pain, and bladder, and kidney issues in the past. Recently, I le...
Avatar n tn
Jdm1234Apr 24
Jdm1234Apr 24
Jdm1234Apr 23
kraoyApr 15
hi61236Apr 05
By capacitor Blank
Hi, I am 20 years old and am still a virgin. This started happening many years ago, but now it happens more often (...
Avatar f tn
By HappySweetDays
I have an urge to pee and it comes out of nowhere, and I can't seem to hold it and end up peeing myself. When I go to...
Avatar m tn
By ja99994
I wouldn't ask this if I knew where else to turn to. I'm a 22 year old male and last summer my right testicle beca...
Avatar m tn
By PRN1985
Hello Doctor, I would like to have an opinion from a specialist, maybe it's nothing but it has created me some tensio...
Avatar m tn
Jambriz3Apr 24
Jambriz3Apr 23
Dogman4Feb 26, 2013
SuryabJan 31, 2013
linda9988Mar 16, 2012
By soreapple Blank
I'm a 25-year-old male. I have very sharp pain in my left testicle, and left lower back about an inch above my lef...
Avatar n tn
Deedee_RApr 13
smitty10Jan 31
freindtoallDec 19, 2015
medicinebagNov 27, 2015
By jackiegram Blank
I recently read a question posed to you regarding a man with nocturia who recently began having "dreams" that he nee...
Avatar n tn
timkupaApr 16
Rp77beachDec 20, 2015
SaekoNinjaSep 01, 2015
bump18Mar 21, 2015
By droo314 Blank
My testicles, scrotum, and anus itch, but I do not have a rash. I initially thought it was jock itch until i looked a...
Avatar f tn
Johnn777Apr 23
Johnn777Apr 04
Johnn777Mar 30
By Johnn777
Hey I'm 16 and I'm not sure if this is a problem or not, but the only time I can view part of my penis head is when e...
Avatar f tn
TommywhoApr 23
mstx32Apr 04, 2015
xotillweodJul 12, 2014
mandown13Jun 12, 2014
sickandtired86May 16, 2014
By Styler1944 Blank
After i urinate i seem to have a wet, kind of irritating feeling. Like i need to pinch the tip of my penis and get as...
Avatar m tn
By Deadpoolt
Urine color : Light yellow Appearance : slightly hazy Sp. Gravity : 1.014 PH : 7.5 Protein : Negative Sugar : ...
Avatar m tn
YardBullApr 23
By 12rox20
I am a post-pubescent high schooler who recently sustained an injury to the penis. While I was playing lacrosse, I wa...
Avatar n tn
kapecDec 30, 2015
buddyjoeDec 08, 2015
mozzy1704Aug 03, 2015
grizzlegrizApr 26, 2015
By jebby Blank
I have been experiencing very low libido. I have been tested for various labs, my testosterone tests out high at 865 ...
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