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Vitamins are substances that your body needs to grow and develop normally; if you have low levels of certain vitamins, you may develop a deficiency disease. Supplements can also be important to provide your body with extra nutrients depending on the activities you do. Discuss topics including vitamin deficiency, food to counter vitamin deficiency, sufficient vitamin levels, and supplements.

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anyone know if vitamin k2, not k1, has any negative effects on platelets ie thicken the blood, increase platelet aggregation or interact with aspirin that I take for coronary artery disease?
walt71 | Last answer
I have been on Accutane two times, I've been off it for over a year now and I have begun to get acne around the corners of my mouth, down the side of my neck, and on my jaw line. Would taking a Vitamin A supplement once daily help with t...
UTrodeo27 | Posted
The reason im asking if magnesium or some other kind kf deficiency can cause anxiety attacks is because my first panic attack when it happened i was enjoying some youtube videos and eating a mc chicken and a juice and all of a sudden out...
harleydsg | Last answer
Hi I am having some problems with my iron supplement. My doctor wants me to take it 3 times a day but when I've tried to take it, it dries out my mouth and causes me stomach upset even when I add vitamin C and fruit juice to it. Is there...
Petals2214 | Last answer
hiya could anyone help me i have been feeling as though the room closes in on me and then starts spinning real fast which i have to hold my head to try and stop it going on,this has been going on for a week now could i be low in vitamins...
chloechad | Last answer
Today I took emergency contraception called Levonelle which contains Levonorgestrel. Without thinking I took my daily dose of Saw Palmetto that I have done for over a year and just realised that because of Saw Palmetto's ability to affec...
babsuvulawho | Posted
Hello! I'm a 21 year old male. I am on a weight loss diet that provides all nutrients and vitamins I need except iron (according to MyFitnessPal), which I only meet 9% of the recommended daily amount. I found 50mg iron supplement tablets...
Mikeytom4 | Last answer
I have had constant leg spasms/twitches in my right calf for going on 6 months now. I have been to the dr and ran labs, checked potassium levels which were good. Did not check magnesium levels. Was told to try hot compresses and dr kept ...
Karig41 | Last answer
So three months ago I was diagnosed with b12 deficiency as low as 89. I started taking b12 1000mg per day for these three months. I ve been told after the three months to get another blood test to check my status. Four days ago I stopped...
christiah | Last answer
Over the past 6 months, I've been recovering from a severe B12 deficiency. My primary doctor was unwilling to run a B vitamin test believeing that one did not exist and that the pain/tingling in my arms/legs and swollen tongue were all i...
Lapin01 | Last answer
I tend 2 break out a lot. What vitamins help with acne?
theflowers | Posted
Just wondering if its safe to take while pregnant?
MamaWyenberg | Last answer
I take folic acid and omega 3 together with calcium Is it harmful taking all together i am not preg.had a misscarriage last mnth
safalta | Last answer
Has anyone else heard of Vitamin D or K2 causing a bladder infection or foul smelling urine? I realized it might be that because it's the only thing that changed. And once I stopped it went away.
aCakes | Last answer
I’m an adult male and I’m in overall good health. I recently had a blood test and the levels of vitamin B6 in my plasma were 135 ng/ml. The range for adults is 2.1-21.7 ng/ml (for the lab that ran the tests). My complete metabolic panel ...
mmm5555 | Last answer
I've been trying to lose weight for almost 10 years. Maybe I lost about 10 lbs but that's it. My physicians refuse to investigate my enlarged thyroid and/or possible hormone imbalance so I have no other option. I've tried dieting, I ...
Victoria3719 | Posted
Hello all, first time posting in this forum. I've recently been diagnosed with low Vit D and B-12. This (the vit D low) was missed back in 2013, misdiagnosed as "depression".... so I know I've been low on Vit D since 2013. I've bee...
ms_sally1974 | Posted
Do you take a Vitamin C supplement to help with the absorption of iron? If so, how much Vitamin C to how much iron do you take? I just learned that the liquid iron supplement Floravit I have been taking for several months only has tr...
VitaminB12 | Last answer
Hello, I have Graves' Disease. I was on prescription medication but stopped taking it due to the side effects. I did research on my symptoms and started taking vitamin and dietary supplements. Not only did I start taking these for my...
kidsnchicks | Last answer
I hope somebody could shed some light on this for me. In April I had a severe panic attack out of nowhere, the next couple of days my anxiety went through the roof and its been a over two months and its still the same. I have random shor...
Eustis99 | Last answer
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