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BarFitJun 23, 2011
holly713Apr 27, 2011
tess0Sep 24, 2010
Jaz0525Sep 15, 2010
christiewhJun 30, 2010
By Celi06 Blank
Hello everybody, I have been reading about these HCG shots and Phen pills; but I am still wondering about the prop...
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By bhanuteja
Aging 15 yrs...weighing 150 pounds.....cycling and aerobics haven't contributed to my weight loss....i want to lose 1...
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GossJoApr 22
Ginger8512Dec 28, 2015
marissa_isabellNov 23, 2015
sho1402Nov 20, 2015
Sweetheart749Nov 10, 2015
By Jenlynne Blank
Has anyone taken Effexor and, if so, did you experience any weight related side-effects. I am worried about gain...
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By wrden Blank
I have taken phentermine in the past and it works and would like to try it again. I have ordered online before but no...
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By JosephPat
I have recently been looking to order phentermine online and the amount of scam sites is crazy...if anyone could giv...
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ShellfbellOct 03, 2006
By Charm977 Blank
Does anyone know a reliable online pharmacy I could get Adipex to purchase? I would greatly appreciaate your respons...
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By Frogs2004 Blank
I'm all torn up inside about this serious weight gain I have experienced. I look at the pile of pants i have that i c...
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By klee32 Blank
this is a response to jessica , I used to take phentermine,and take it from me,you don't want to go that route. You...
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By olive184
I am currently being treated by an endocrinologist for obesity. I am 41 years old 5"6 and 180 lbs, the heaviest I ha...
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ladybug9866Jun 30, 2015
georgia850Jul 16, 2012
jules509Dec 12, 2011
By DeliaMarie Blank
I've been given wellbutrin because since I've been on Zoloft,(about 6 months), I've gained 8 pounds. Wellbutrin is su...
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By workoutcrazy
I had my hysterectomy in October had alot of trouble stop bleeding. After that problem was resolved now I'm dealing w...
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Jess0601Jun 10, 2015
BlueGrey37Jul 30, 2014
notodepoNov 20, 2013
hopefully2010Nov 14, 2013
By nemo1986 Blank
I used depo provera injections for two and a half years. It's been over a year since my last injection. within the fi...
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kiysApr 26, 2015
justme2013Feb 06, 2013
justme2013Feb 06, 2013
brittanyfstrOct 23, 2011
By nanna45 Blank
I am presently taking the hcg injections, I give them to myself on a weekly basis and I am taking the phentermine(spe...
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Penelopie1Jun 12, 2015
HerfattnessJun 01, 2015
teresalarge3Feb 25, 2015
aamerkhanJan 06, 2015
By Bocci Blank
I've been taking 500 mg/day of metformin. Just wondering if any of you have taken this, and if so, have you experien...
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TammyDesApr 10
Jwil44Apr 09
Jwil44Apr 09
Kacki77Mar 07
Kimchi68Mar 02
By duane's wife Blank
after my hysterectomy at 45yrs old I am gaining weight fast...never had mood swings or sweats...taking no harmones..d...
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Lizdd14Sep 14, 2015
jlr7Sep 10, 2009
paisley09Feb 03, 2009
Kat1951Jan 25, 2009
By Mashimoro_baby Blank
Has anyone had results taking SlimQuick? I just started taking it. Today is my 6th day and have noticed that my appet...
10780186 tn?1459710003
By raevynnm
I've been trying to lose weight for several months. But as a busy mom with a hectic schedule I don't usually have tim...
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By rdhm
Plz frnds help me.... m from india and I need these shots plz.... suggest me as I can't go to other country for shots
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adrianzihuaJun 16, 2015
JG2004Aug 21, 2013
healthy01358Aug 15, 2013
By RobynFL Blank
Hi, I am currently on NutriSystem. It is working, and I found foods on there plan I like. The weight is coming off ...
597390 tn?1219428950
joomla87Jul 08, 2009
pattyespFeb 02, 2009
BLUE861Jan 24, 2009
By Channelview_Mom Blank
Has anyone used the Phentermine with the print that says K 25 and what were the results/side effects? I just start...
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