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i get bacterial infections at least twice a month i have seen a bunch of doctors they say theres nothing wrong with me Ive taken a bunch of antiboctics and try to avoid what causes the infection .. I don't know what else to do its really...
rae393 | Last answer
well..long story short im 3o yo have suffered with povd ,left ovarie removed to due a big cyst,and several laproscopis surgeries to remove adhesions,and endometriosios. I started my cycle at 9 yo,was put onmetformin for the povd,and it s...
amy3029 | Posted
Hello. I'm not sure what to do. I've been having alot of anxiety lately, feeling alittle depressed and confused. I've had some depression and have been suffering from anxiety since I was 13 years old after my mom left our family. Since I...
Bluesky30 | Posted
Hello. I've been having anxiety for the past few days, I was taking a birth control pill for a few months, and stopped it over the weekend because I believe they were giving me anxiety and felt more depressed. I felt fine and back to my...
Bluesky30 | Posted
I should probably start this in mentioning that I've always had abnormal periods. Usually the abnormalities consist of skipping periods for a few months at a time, and then having a normal period. I have never experienced what I'm going ...
chrissyh25 | Posted
I have been feeling irregular pain in my ovaries, I'm guessing it's a cyst!? I've had abortion once and I used to take depo shot and now i'm not taking any birth control. Now, it's starting to hurt even more while having sex. what do y...
Simona6 | Posted
I started my period Nov 16th it stopped on Nov 23 (thats normal). Now heres the abnormal I missed 2 pills on Nov 26th and 27th. I started bleeding like a normal period on the 28th it stayed for 5 days ending on Dec 2nd. I haven't missed ...
queen_nita10 | Posted
Recently I have discovered a burning sensation in both nipples. When ever something touched them they start to burn, I am due to have my period any day and this is not any of my normal pre period symptoms, normally they just get tender a...
shell0209 | Posted
i have to post this on behalf of my wife. about Oct 20 or so, she had her mens. prior to that, she's been complaining about yellow discharge. then her mens went on for more than a week, and then gradually stopped for a couple of days or ...
BenjG | Posted
My period ended two weeks ago tomorrow, and about a week ago, I started bleeding again. I am on birth control, but the day before I started bleeding I had unprotected sex and mistakingly forgot to take my bc pill that morning. So the mor...
Mweeks09 | Posted
My girlfriend (17) is extremely tired all the time. She can get a good nights sleep, take a nap and still wake up extremely tired. For the last week or two it has gotten worse, in that she is tired all the time now. Also she has ...
h0bbez | Posted
Let me start off with a little history. For the past month I have kind of been freaking out. I was having sex and the condom got stuck in me so I have been nervous ever since that I may have some kind of STD. Last week I was itchy and ir...
kpak123 | Posted
After having an abortion I had the depo shot. I had given up on the pill for it causing me a brownish discharge constantly (and I tried 3 different kinds), I needed to try a new method and after considering all options, I thought befor...
kiizzyy | Last answer
I'm so confused hoping someone can help me.. On the 8th of Oct I had my IUD mirena Taking Out cause it wasnt in right.. Pretty much it was coming out. Had it in for 6 months had 2 periods on it.. the last one was in the Middle of July. T...
crissygurl850 | Posted
I went through a stressful, anxiety-riddled situation for about 1.5 weeks and it resulted in me having loose stools every day, probably only once a day but they were urgent. That in turn started giving me pain in the central lower abdomi...
jamiejackcorn | Posted
I have pcos and have had cramping, bloating, and pain for over a week. last period in June, pregnancy test neg. what could cause all this?
lilbit23 | Last answer
I'm 18 years old and Female. I've been sexually active for a few years now so this sex issue is a growing problem. Having sex didn't use to hurt, but I never felt anything good. It didn't feel like anything to me. It's like touching ...
BreatheHopeInMe | Last answer
I went to the doctor last week about my menstrual cycle changing - bad cramping, exhaustion, back pain, heavy flow, change in colour and consistency, serious moodiness etc. Basically it felt like my cycle used to feel when I was younger,...
abear13 | Posted
I' m 46 and found out in June of 2009 that I had a 10cm Cystic Mass sitting on top of my bladder. I have no Insurance and was told to go see a urologist. I did go but due to money they could not help me. I tried to get on access/medicade...
Steph1964 | Posted
Sice I was 16 I was diagnosed as having Polysystic ovaries. Several surgeries to remove large cysts 6.5 cm to 16 thruout the yrs. Normal paps. about 1o ys ago my gyno thought I had fibroids in my Uterus it was cancer stage 1. I had a H...
PCOgal | Posted
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