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Hi, I'm new to this forum. 41yrs old male. Around 6 years back I lived in a colder place in Upstate NY, and then right now I'm in a place located in a higher altitude, which is again cooler, having overcast skies most of the year. ...
needvitd | Posted
I was diagnosed to be vitamin d3 deficient have many issues: -Numbness -Pain in the back of head -vision blurriness -Occasionally year block feeling - Giddiness when i stand form sitting ..... The level was low for 2 year but n...
Sreenivasan | Last answer
How to cope? How long does it take to feel normal? I have a level 14...taking 50,000 u for 12 weeks , on week 5 Fatique, brain fog, heave head, ongoing feeling miserable.
capecdbabe | Last answer
As far as updates, this is not great. My d deficit is back. Got levels up to 38 (from 10) and stuuuuupid me, stopped taking supplements. Now I'm at 14 again after a year off and suffering a bunch of the symptoms again. So... Stay on th...
Seattleanne | Last answer
Hello, I just found this site and found a lot of the posts very interesting. I've Just been diagnosed with a Vitamin D level of 11 and put on the 50,000 units once a week for 2 months. I suffered with terrible joint pain for more tha...
Pattim8 | Posted
I have PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) and like many people with kidney disease, cannot activate vitamin D into it's usable form of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D. My D levels were not outrageously low (in the mid 20s), but since i started supp...
bbroad1 | Last answer
I am 22 year old female and have been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency (16). It started off 6 months ago with constant head tingling that went away and reappeared 3 months, I have head tingling in my knees, and feet. I began taking D3...
nataosp | Last answer
Hello all, This is the first time I've ever joined a forum but I need a bit support here. I've been suffering with severe fatigue for about 3 years now. Went to my general doctor and he tested my blood. TSH came out to be 7.6 which is...
rebeahr | Last answer
I know this is lengthy but if you wouldn't mind reading and responding I would greatly appreciate it!!! Hello all!! I am "somewhat" new to this forum. Reason being, I have been reading your posts for months but have finally decided t...
TW1985 | Last answer
I was just dx with low D of 19. I have many of the symptoms as everyone here which also looks like hypothyroid symptoms. Had thyroid test TSH, FT4, FT3, antibodies all normal but FT3 low in range and TSH was high once during the 2 time...
Tiredsleepymama | Last answer
It's finally happened!!! I started taking vitamin d therapy in May and my levels finally hit 41 and I feel GREAT. As my levels rose, I felt better and better. Virtually all my symptoms have disappeared except for some residual nerve dama...
Phyllis2010 | Last answer
I have had a vitamin D deficiency for a few years. I try and take the vitamin D, but it makes me feel awful. Although, I have to admit, I really pushed taking a few doses last fall(50,000 IU) and had a great few months during winter. ...
ksue12 | Last answer
I haven't posted on this web site in years, but wanted to ask a few questions. I went to the doctor for a physical, and to check a few other strange things that are going on in my body. The one that caused the most worry is a slight ...
Sickboy61 | Posted
I have been diagnosed with very low vitamin d, I have also read a great deal on forums and articles from across the world. The maximum the UK doctors are allowed to prescribe is IU 1600 per day of D3. I'm nearly 2 months into my 'reco...
Fishermanso | Posted
Hi all, just found this group and it's been very informative especially since I have had no medical contact since my diagnosis and so am getting all my info from the internet. So my story is I have suffered severely with hip, sacroili...
casperkit | Posted
I was diagnosed as being vitamin d deficient just before Xmas . Along with slight anaemia . I and on vitamin d3 and an iron tablet and am tested to check my levels again next month . I also have a diagnoses of hypoadrenalism which was di...
fluteringbud | Posted
Hi everyone. SO glad I found this group. Loooong story, short.. I've been in hell for years, not really knowing what was (is) wrong with me. I recently married and am now on insurance for the first time in over 25 years and found out I ...
Ella_Boo_Bella | Posted
Hi. I'm new here. I'm suffering w/ GI issues, pain in the upper gut, like I've been punched & irregularity where I was regular before All came suddenly after 7 mths vit D supps. I was JUST starting to appreciate how many health issues...
reallybuzzed | Posted
Hi : I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency in August 2011. I used to get severe back pain and my pain in my upper right arm as well as numbness/tingling sensation. My vitamin d level has come back to normal. It is 56 now and earli...
samy2109 | Last answer
Hello! I'm posting here because I've been reading a lot of the posts and feeling such relief that I'm not the only person feeling how I feel. So here's what's going on with me. I was diagnosed with Grave's disease when I was 19, so I'...
bluebrook1983 | Last answer
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