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I am 13 weeks pregnant and have been having really bad stuffy nose. Would a vaporizer be safe to use? I have tried saline...
Congestion problems
I am having terrible congestion problems!! The mucous is set really far back in my nasal passage, and when I blow my nos...
Sinus congestion
Have any of you ladies experienced sinus problems early in pregnancy? I am only 7 dpo but have been having sinus congesti...
nasal congestion
I am 20 wks pregnant have had head cold and nasal blockage to the point i can hardly breath and unable to clear with inha...
baby congestion
Anything to help would be appreciated i just hate to see him sick
Nasal Congestion
I am 19 wks pregnant and been having the worst congestion ever for about three weeks. I can't breath and have a lost in a...
nasel congestion
Hi I have a bad cold my nose is stopped up on one side which is making it hard for me to breath out of 1 nostril help wha...
Congestion!!! Help!!!
I'm a ftm, 14w 2d I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to eliminate congestion???
cold & congestion
I am 20 weeks & 3 days , I have a bad cough that is causing my lower belly to be sore , is this harmful to my unborn chi...
nasal congestion
Help... i cant sleep because i cant breath through my nose... nasal stuffiness :'( what should i do??
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