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I went to the doctor last week at the 38 week appointment and was closed and 0 percent effaced. I went back this week an...
I went to the doctor today, I'm 37 weeks. She said that I was 50% effaced. Does this mean I will go into labor soon? Or d...
Dialation & effacement
I just got out of my weekly doctors appt. (i'm 36 weeks today) and he said I'm 1&1/2 cm dialated and about 70% effaced. t...
When I was pregnant with DS I was 1 cm and 50% effaced at 33 weeks, DS was breech...with this baby I'm now 35 weeks 5 day...
effacement timing
Im currently 36 wks and went to my doc appt yesterday and she did and exam, im dilated 2 cm and 50% effaced. My question ...
dialation & effacement???
i'm currently 39 Weeks and i have not been checked for that. is their any way i could check my self? or how would you kno...
effacement helo
Im 70% effaced and 1 & a half cm's dialated. My question is, once Im 100% effaced, does that mean my dialating will move ...
Effacement and dialation
i have an ultrasound at 34 weeks - should i expect to be effaced or would that be bad that early? Just wondering what all...
Cervical Dilation and Effacement
I have been dilated at a 2cm for the last 2weeks. (I am 38w) L&D nurse said I was still "hard" and the baby was still hig...
Question about Dilation/Effacement.
I had my 34 week appt this morning and I think it went fairly well. Thursday I went to L & D because I was having braxton...
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