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Iv noticed my veins have bin bigger, fuller and showing more. Is this normal ?
Blue veins
Okay I keep hearing something about "blue" veins in BBs during pregnancy. Is that the same thing as little spidery purple...
has anyone every had their veins appear bigger and bluer than normal as a pregnancy syptom??today i noticed them to be MO...
Blue Veins
When did you notice the blue veins on your breasts? I noticed a week before my BFP last time now I'm 6-7 DPO and they ar...
more veins ....
ive been gone awhile and since ive been off here 2 weeks ago i started spotting the spotting lasted 24 hrs the af came wa...
veins showing
my best friend whos 18 has been spottong for a week now and its like only 5 mins and goes away she also has veins that ar...
Blue veins
Hello ladies, i know i have been to you before about possibly being pregnant but now i think i am because today has been ...
swollen veins??
hi all.. im 18+2days and one of my veins in my legs is noticeable and warm to touch, do you think its veroise vains or so...
spider veins
Does anyone else get bad spider veins during pregnancy? I got them with my first and this time they are a lot worse and ...
!!!!!!VERICOSE VEINS!!!!! Blank
THAT PICTURE MAKES THEM LOOK LIGHT! I know they are normal but these hurt soooooo bad and they are swollen. I went and bo...
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