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any one trying for a baby plz come here and share your sucsess story's or your sad story's we will be here to support you x o x o

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Hello all, I am 30 yrs old & 115 lbs I have irregular perioed when i was 15.My Gyna gave me Clomid and i took 5 round but no BFP Now i switch Gyna to RE and he took lots of blood test.All test are normal except testosterone is very mino...
sami_k26 | Last answer
AF has shown her face this afternoon I feel so disappointed and sad ;( after nearly 3 years of trying and all our tests over a year ago all good why won't it happen? The doctor is sending us for re-tests so hopefully we'll get some prope...
MrsT1979 | Last answer
hey everyone my boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for about 3 years now he has an average sperm count i have unknown infertility we are currently saving for ivf but a friend of mine told me about home insemination is it worth ...
anna4810 | Last answer
i am 26 years old.married 4 years and ttc 3 years.homone level was LH-10.1, FSH-4.7, prolactin-7.2, estrogen-51, progestrorone-0.41, testorone-0.67 and pap test normal.this test taken at day 8 of my last LMP. my dr said i have low proges...
sunaina8012 | Last answer
Nerida Walker testimony. Her and her husband was told by doctors he will never have children of his own because he was diagnosed as being sterile. The Bible called those who were unable to conceive "barren". Today the terms "infertili...
Godisfaithful | Last answer
Hi all, need advice. I'm on my second round of clomid-I do understand this is not the clomid users forum. I'm not as excited this go round as the last time so I'm really thinking about IVF. Any advice? Costs, health concerns, luck, and/o...
Salorja | Posted
were to start, rite well i had my coil out on the 4th of june, the had a period from the 5th of june to the 9th which is when i was meant to have my period so pleased about that how ever im now trying for a baby so had unprotected sex on...
jleelynn | Last answer
Please let me know if this is a possitive opk as i have never had one before and am a little bit unsure thanks
XWillow20X | Last answer
is royal jelly really help any one?is it increase ovum health?
sunaina8012 | Posted
hey im 22 and ttc for a good while now at the moment im a week and 5 days late but all tests are saying not pregnant :/ im never this late i dunno whats going on any tips on ttc?? any good info?? <3 xxxx
martinalovesiano | Last answer
Is there a good rule of thumb! 1, 3 days late, a full week? My nerves are seriously getting the best of me and I don't know how much longer I can "hide" my frustration from my husband...although he's probably noticing my standoffish beha...
Salorja | Posted
New to the site and I just wanted to say Hi and wish everyone luck!! My husband and I just started trying and I'm really nervous to see how things go. Keeping our fingers crossed!!
TTC_2011 | Last answer
Hi everyone this is my first time ever logging onto anything as I have recently bought myself a netbook while on my 2 week wait. I'm undergoing Icsi and last Wednesday 8 eggs where harvested and all 8 fertilised. However 2 where ok to pu...
wholeworld | Posted
So on Dec 25-28 AF came for a visit. I was to ovulate Jan 3-8, had sex 6th and the 9th. Well I had period like cramps on the 17th my period was to start Jan 21st. Well I am almost 3 weeks late. I have cramps and lots of discharge, there ...
Hotmess82 | Posted
Hi ladies, Af showed her ugly face today. TTC naturally for a year and few months now. Even i knew it's "possible" to have Af on each month. Its hard for me to face the reality. I get so upset and cry all day, i'm sensitive emotional per...
thefebygirl | Posted
me and my husband have been ttc for almost a year now. im 25 hes 22 i have two babies from my previous marriage and he has no kids should we keep trying are is there somthin wrong with us??
mizzpetty2011 | Last answer
Since I had miscarriaged las month and all I decided to not try for a baby no more... I suppose to be ovulating right now... I'm kinda wondering does ovulation causes fatigue and often trips to the bathroom to pee??... Ugh I'm scared out...
KingWife | Last answer
I don't know what to think I had brown discharge on Oct 22, 2011 for 3 days and a week after I had clear watery discharge and no period. I was to start my Period on Oct 27, 2011. So has this happened to anyone before and what was it?
gorditadeks | Last answer
Hi I'm new to this and I need some help please....I have not had a period since september 10th and I've been naseuas and bloated with lower back pain and sore breast I get headaches on and off and keep gaining weight I had unprotected se...
mommaof2671 | Last answer
hi everyone jus joined this group and hoping goodnews would find us all! we have been trying for a baby for 2yrs now and still no luck..each month is like a long wait.i recently had a blood test 14th oct 2011 which came back negative an...
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