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This community is a place to share information and support with others who are trying to stop using drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other addictive substances. Discuss with others, the symptoms of addiction, addiction recovery, ways to quit like tapering and cold turkey, and withdrawal symptoms. If you are interested in general "chat", please visit our Addiction Social Community.

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Surfing the Net and Recovery




Some of these links helped me personally with recovery, others I have seen the need for on the forum for others recovering from different drugs.  Some helped me and may help others.  We are all different and if anyone has a site to add, please feel free to do so   Narcotics anonymous helped me find a meeting close number to locate meetings is provided

   meetings online   finding a sub doctor in your area by zip code   vitamins and amino acids at a good price..also carries the powdered forms which are absorbed more efficiently  actually has taper schedules for all of the benzodiazepines  help with stopping benzos   herbs that can help with withddrawal  the forum...a great place to be!  helps you locate an addiction counseler in your area






  Provigil helped my energy levels and depression after detox..RX recommended



 Clonidine helps those who have heavy wds/heavy habits and is recommended with an RX only as people with low blood pressures can not tolerate this medication and it could be dangerous.  Monitoring by a physician is necessary while on this medication. Phenergan helped me with the nausea I experienced during detox. It also helped with sleep and in smaller doses, helps with anxiety.  It is not habit forming and an RX is recommended.

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