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Narcotic Withdrawal and RLS/Res...

A Study on RLS
There was a study conducted at my hopsital recently on RLS.  My pain mgt doctor was in charge and it lasted a month and the patients came back in on a weekly basis. I helped him record the data as after being on the forum i saw that many have this from opiate withdrawal, although many people also have it from other causes like my mother and it can be very annoying and cause a lack of sleep than is much needed during detox.
It was noted that the majority of the patients had an iron deficiency and had low levels of dopamine. One elderly lady who had it very badly was on a parkinson drug for it called levadopa.  My pain doctor wanted to use natural supplements and avoid RX meds.  It was also noted that the more active the people were as far as an exercise regime, the less severe the symptoms were for them.  Below is what he prescribed for them.
All are over the counter supplements.

IRON-  taken with vitamin C and zinc to aid in the absorption of the iron
Folic acid 400-800 mg along with B-12 500-1000 mcg
Magnesium - 800 mg at night taken with a small glass of tonic water
Choline -1000-2000 mg a day (choline increases dopamine in the system and is also believed to decrease the urge to smoke)

Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine were to be avoided

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