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Pregnancy and Addiction

  If you are pregnant, know someone who is pregnant, or are thinking about becoming pregnant and have an addiction to opiates, PLEASE read the following post comes from experience, extensive research AND actual facts that I received from my peri-natal specialist, who is recognized as one of the country's best and who has been featured in New York Magazine's BEST DOCTORS starting in 2000 all the way up until now and believe me, NY Magazine is an incredibly respected and accredited magazine.

From experience I can tell you that if you are off for at least 8 weeks, your baby will not be born addicted.  IF the baby does happen to be born addicted, they can tell right away and you could be in A LOT of trouble because the signs are ridiculously obvious to medical professionals (they are trained to look for it) but IF you are honest about your usage, you will be ok.
You don't want your baby to go through withdrawals.  Although they can easily treat the withdrawals in newborns you don't want to have to medicate your child as soon as they come into the world.  Babies who are suffering from withdrawals have trouble eating, sleeping and they have a poor sucking reflex.  It's not pretty as they cry excessively and nothing soothes them.  You NEED that precious time with your baby to bond, the baby needs it too.  It's VITAL which means necessary for life!
I was prescribed pain killers throughout my pregnancy and weaned down VERY SLOWLY with the help of my ob/gyn.  I had a beautiful, healthy, perfect little girl who continues to thrive and become smarter and smarter by the minute.
I just want to stress to all the pregnant women out there who are using for whatever reason be it legal or not, that you cannot and SHOULD NOT go cold turkey under any circumstances.  I don't care what you've been told.  I am not trying to be argumentative but frankly, if I can save just one child and mother from the heartache and physical ache of pre-term labor with complications, I will be argumentative!
Cold turkey at any stage, never mind the later stages of pregnancy, put the mother's body into shock no matter what your usage is and can cause preterm labor and/or miscarriage.
If you are early ini your pregnancy, be honest with your dr and allow him/her to wean you VERY slowly.  The drugs that normally would be prescribed to anyone coming off of opiates (valium, xanax, klonopin etc.) are EXTREMELY UNSAFE at any time during your pregnancy.  They are all a category X and can and most likely will cause defects or brain activity reduction.  So you need to make sure that when you wean that you do it slowly and carefully so that your body does not go through too much stress.  It is way better for the mother to be comfortable during this process than it is to go through it quickly.        
If you are later on in your pregnancy, again I stress to be honest with your dr.  They can and should help you and if you are honest there is less chance of you getting into trouble and having your baby taken away.
If you are so late into your pregnancy that stopping isn't an option, take as little as possible, pray and talk to your dr.  Hopefully, it won't be an issue.
I do need to say though that although the pregnancy is obviously important, you need to have some sort of a plan for after the baby is born.  Even if you're being prescribed the drugs like I was, you are still addicted physically not to mention mentally and no baby deserves to have an addicted mother.  You will need to be on the ball with all of the sleepless nights and crying ahead of you.  SO please, talk to a dr., get on suboxone, go to counseling or meetings but whatever you do, get a hold of this problem because you NEVER get those years back and you don't want to be in a fog for the best and most important months of the beautiful babies life where you should be spending your time gazing into their eyes and watching them sleep at night for hours at a time.
May God bless you all and may you all have healthy and happy babies who have a sober and clear headed mother.

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