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There are so many benefits to b...

This was on a thread today . I think it can be of great help when we are struggling .

"I saved this when it was posted. from time to time i look at it. i am still thankful." -1234betterlife

There are so many benefits to being clean.

1. Better for our body.
2. Better for our relationships.
3. Clarity of mind.
4. Less pain.
5. Emotions, just feeling again.
6. Not worrying where the next batch of drugs will come from.
7. Taking charge of your life, being responsible again.
8. a real life again.
9. Being honest with myself and others.
10. Not being scared anymore that someone was going to find out
11. Having extra money for things and not using it on pills
12.. My girlfriends don't hide their purses when I come in the house.
13. My new friends smell better.
14. My family respects me. (That's a big one).
15. I am employable.
16. I am reliable.
17. We can help others now.
18. We are examples of what to be instead of what not to be
19. Staying out of jail
20. Someday I can quit giving my hard earned money to the State of TX
21. Being able to experience love
22. Being ok with who I am and where I'm going
23. Getting out of my isolation
24. I helped my 8 year old through a being bullied crisis, when I was using I wouldn't have gave a f--k about something like that.
25. No fear of a random urine test.
26. Return of self-esteem.
27. No coping of bad decisions made while high.
28. I have something to be proud of instead of something to hide!
29. Waking up in the morning, putting all my money in one pocket instead of drug money in one and bill money in the other and spending both on not kissing dealers and dealers *****,, and saying "I'm a RECOVERYING addict"
30. being a much better parent!!!
31. enjoying all the little moments of life that otherwise you didn't notice when high
32. not being a slave anymore
33. not having to plan functions, outings, chores etc around pill schedules/supply
--believing in yourself again
34. Not having to COME DOWN, or deal with guilt infested hell of the next day or kicking opiates!
35. being able to look my spouse in the eye
36. not having to start everyday with Visine for my bloodshot eyes
37. not having the of "I know I have to stop using these someday, but when and how" on my shoulders
38. gaining confidence by getting through c/t w/d ... I am stronger than I ever knew
39. ending the lies ... oh all the lies, about money and everything
40. not waiting for from the fed-ex truck
41. not having to keep putting off starting a new job because I was on the tram
42. Not bending over backwards to help out some white trash losers just to get a buzz
43  Being able to say NO and mean it
44. Being appreciated
45. Being able to go to a strangers house and not snoop around
46. Saying I am doing well and mean it!
47. not having to go thru withdrawals again!!!!
48. never taking 4000mg of l-tyrosine in the morning and puking them right back up. lol
49. Not throwing up all the time from too much tylenol..
50. Not in the process of killing myself
51. Don't pray for forgivness all the time for wasting my life and resources
52. I don't worry as much about my liver
53. no more hopelessnes and despair.
54. being creative.
55. having a life.
56. Not always on the Fed Ex/UPS/DHL websites checking tracking numbers. My G*d, what a waste!
57. feeling what's real- not some synthetic version of it.
58. orgasms (way better when you can actually FEEL)
59. bigger weiner (fully erect is bigger then high-errect)
60. actually WANTING sex
61. MUSIC, esp in earphones
62. Feeling the seasons, spring etc.
63. "Being able to experience Love" this sounds sooooo GOOD to me. For years now I just been alone, and cold hearted. Which has worked out because I cant get hurt...but thats no way to live right?
64. Not having to fear I might be the SECOND daughter my parents have to BURY because of drugs.
65. Laughing, really laughing

66 not being embarrassed everytime you went to the pharmacy because the SAME pharmacist is always there when you pick up a script!

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