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Many Allergy Uses of Green Tea ...

Green tea is an extraordinary drink that has many uses.  In Japan, green tea is used to prevent illness and as a beauty booster

The health benefits of green tea are well touted.  It should not be surprising that green tea can be used as a gargle.  The long winters of Japan had its people looking for way to maintain good health during that extended period.  Winters are traditionally the time of year when many get sick.  In Japan, green tea is consumed as a drink to prevent colds, but also used as a gargle after meals.   It appears to be effective in killing potential germs and bacteria.  

Green tea can also be used as part of a beauty regime.   To prepare a green tea spritz spray, take used leaves and re-brew.  Pour the tea into a small bottle or a small pump spray.  Allow to cool in the refrigerator.  When it is hot in the summertime, you can spritz and be thoroughly refreshed by green tea. 


The spray is also beneficial against minor sunburn and insect bites.  Green tea can also be utilized for a wonderful and healthful bath soak.  Simply place used green tea leaves and put in a cotton muslim bag and drop into your bath.  The infusion of green tea will calm you. 

At your home, green tea can be used as a deodorizer, as well as a natural fertilizer.   Dry the used tea leaves in the sun.  Then put the leaves into cotton bags and places them in your refrigerator, in your pantry and in shoes. Green tea leaves give a boost to garden soil. 

Green tea leaves are also great for minor cuts and abrasion. Simply soak cotton paid in the brew made from green tea leaves and apply.  

Due to the fact that green tea is also completely natural, there's a very low risk of any type of green tea side effects. One of the most important aspects to watch is your caffeine intake. It would be a good idea to cut down on other forms of caffeine (coffee, chocolate, energy drinks) while adding green tea to your diet.

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