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Artificial sweeteners linked to...

Artificial sweeteners linked to brain tumors
A book called Aspartame Disease by H.J. Roberts, M.D.
The only acceptable solution is to ban it from the food chain. Dr. Roberts doesn't waste any time listing some powerful reasons for you to avoid this neurotoxin.
FDA in-house scientists, consultants for the General Accounting Office (one of the few trustworthy bureaus in the U.S. government), and a public board of inquiry all urged that aspartame not be approved for human consumption. Yet despite clear evidence that this neurotoxin induced brain tumors in experimental animals, the FDA head at the time ignored the facts that were right in front of his face and approved the chemical for public consumption.
Did you know it's against the law to expose people to a drug found to induce cancer in experimental animals? (It's called the "Delaney Clause.") Doing so amounts to genocide and treason, both of which, as I understand it, are illegal.
The FDA stamped it with their coveted GRAS clearance. In case you're not familiar with the acronym, it means "generally regarded as safe.
Now, when a complaint comes in about a neurological disease or other serious reaction that appears to be aspartame-induced, the FDA blows it off as anecdotal and not worthy of further comment.
All of the food giants use the inexpensive imposter in huge quantities in their products.
66 percent of adults and 40 percent of children consume products containing this toxin. (This statistic is from 2000, so I'm sure these percentages are higher by now - especially considering Bill Clinton's Diet Coke push in our public schools.)
Neurological disease is on the rise Roberts  think so. In the book, he lists hundreds of diseases he believes can be traced back to aspartame - and he explains the basis for his arguments.
A toxin like aspartame goes to many different types of cells, but it seems to have a particular liking for the cells of the central and peripheral nervous systems. That means that the damage from aspartame can show up anywhere the nerves are - which, of course, is anywhere in the body. And because it attacks your body at the cellular level, it can cause any number of diseases. The collection of signs and symptoms will vary, but the diseases will still come back to one root cause - aspartame.
The use of aspartame is as detrimental to your health as fluoride, chlorine, and soybean products. It's not easy to avoid, either. Aspartame is in hundreds of different colas, desserts, candies, and other junk foods. The only way to avoid it is to shop the supermarket periphery for your food - the meat and fish, dairy, and fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also many fine foods from Europe and the far East that come in cans and jars that don't contain the poisonous sugar substitute - tuna, meat and fish pates, muscles, clams - you get the idea. Yes, a lot of these foods are expensive, but let me tell you, your food is NOT the place to cut budget costs. It'll just drive your healthcare costs up in the future.
Consider using a sweetener that doesn't contain aspartame - like Stevia, cyclamate, or lo-han.

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