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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder that causes extreme fatigue over extended periods of time which persists after rest and limits one’s ability to conduct ordinary daily activities. Discuss topics including causes, exams and tests for CFS, treatments and how to live with CFS.

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Symptoms of Lyme Disease


I've read that there are over 200 symptoms for lyme disease. Anyhow, here is a link to a list of symptoms for lyme:


 The CDC's list of symptoms for lyme disease:




As Dr. Oz said on Oprah, ticks can carry numerous infections. Here is a list of some of the bacterial infections that are commonly found in ticks. Borrelia Burgdorferi Mycoplasma (all species) Ehrlichia (all species) Bartonella (all species) Babesia (all species) Chlamydia ? (all species)


source: video presentation by Prof. Garth Nicolson ---- near the end of the presentation: 





Recommended Reading:


CFS Patients Subsequently Diagnosed With Lyme Disease Borrelia burgdorferi: Evidence for Mycoplasma Species Co-Infections (Prof. Garth L. Nicolson, Nancy L. Nicolson, Jorg Haier)


Lyme Bacterial Co-Infections in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders


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