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Irritable bowel syndrome or ibs is quite common with between 1 in 3 to i in 5 affected.ibs is an upset in the natural rhythm of the bowel.when you swallow,the food is carried to your stomach and then on through the bowel on a wave of muscle that squeezes the food through.Imagine squeezing a sausage and you will inderstand the idea.this wave of muscle follows a particular rhythm and if this rhythm is upset you will get the symptoms of ibs.if the rhythm speeds up you will find you get more diarrhoea or loose bowel movements and if it slows down you will get more constipation and bloating

some people find they can get both sets of symptoms at different times as the rhythm can speed up or slow down and go through phases where it behaves normally.

what are the symptoms of ibs

These can vary from person to person .they include :constipaton,diarrhoea,abdominal cramps/pain,bloating,passing more wind than normal ,heartburn,and nausea.not everyone gets these and symptoms can come and go and wax and wane.remember other problems,such as coeliac disease,lactose intolerant,,can cause these symptoms as well ,so it is always important that you are checked out by your doctor to make sure it is ibs and nothing else.

causes of ibs

the actual cause if ibs is not known but eating a diet low in fibre and stress play a role.ibs may be caused by an upset in the balance of the good and bad bacteria in your bowel.

ok how to help

people with erratic eating patterns may find their symptoms improve when they start to eat more regularly.try to eat small regular meals ,avoiding missing meals and over -indulging.

dietary changes

a good place to start is to eat some probiotic yoghurt/drinks everyday  {unless lactose }.the good bacteria that are in probiotic's help regulate the the rhythm of the bowel and to keep it in good working order.look for probiotic's in tablet form or yoghurt labelled 'probiotic' or live.

increase the amount of souble fibre in the diet.there are 2 main types of fibre:insouble or roughage,which is found in wholegrain foods such as breads,high fibre cereals,and souble fibre which is found in oats ,pulses and fruits and veg.

souble fibre will help whether u have constipation or diarrhoea.

try having some porridge most days and include some beans,peas,or lentils 3 or 4 times a week

make sure u are taking at least 3 pieces of fruit and 2 portions of veg everyday

try adding some seeds to your cereal or yoghurt.linseeds are esp good for the bowel,try taking i teaspoon at the start and grad work up to i tablespoon a day.other seeds include sunflower,sesame,and pumpkin seeds

if you dont normally take much fibre be careful to increase this gradually -in other words dont do this all in the one day ,,ons step at a time and give the body time to change,and let your bowel get used to the new fibre etc and changes u amy make in your diet.

drink plenty of need about 8 glasses of water everyday for good health and esp if u increase the ampunt of fbre in the diet.fibre works by soaking up water in the bowel to become soft and easy to move.if you eat more fibre but dont increase the amount of water you may feel worst at the start.

stress is though to be a cause of ibs ,anxiety is as well allthough most do not like to hear this .

we all know the feeling of butterflies in the stomach before an exam or interview etc,when u are stressed the way the body sends blood to the bowel changes and the bowel does not get as much blood as normal.if you are stressed for a long period of time it can mean that your bowel is not working at its best,try to do something most days to relax as this get the blood back into the bowel.try having a bath ,going for a walk,,reading ,yoga ,art,music ,or whatever u enjoy ..but make sure it is something u enjoy and has a  worth to you .

food allergies

these are rarely a cause of ibs .it is always worth trying worth increasing fibre and probiotics before looking at allergies as a possible cause ..if this fails keep a food diary and note any changes and consult your doctor and a specialist who knows about allergies and how to detect them and simply get tested.

foods to try to avoid

do not avoid specific foods without consulting a dietitian in order to protect your body as a whole

food avoidance is the biggest cause of weight loss in ibs

but in general

there are very few foods that can cause ibs,,but some can upset the rhythm of the bowel .too much caffeine can stimulate the bowel ,causing diarrhea.keep coffee to a minimum or try decaffeinated.fizzy drinks are also high in caffeine.sorbitol , a sweetener found in some foods and in some chewing gum can also cause diarrhoea.msg's can also have the same effect .alcohol also has a laxative in general stick to a diet that is as natural and wholesome as u can .fast food is what it is fast and will also have that effect on the body ..some find avoiding wheat is off great help and they are other helpful grains like spelt which are healthier in the long run .


remember it can take 3 to 6 months for ibs to heal and for the bowel to get back to its full working take your time and dont worry if it is taking longer .during this time keep in touch with your doctor and note any changes good or bad .

sometime certain tests will be carried out to rule out other illness depending on exact symptoms presented but this should include

colonoscopy  to rule out ibd /coilitis etc

endoscopy    to rule out other stomach probs /should check for celiac and h-pylori

bloods for amenia /thyroid function/liver function

untrasound if required

cat scan if required

as lot of people who end up with ibs go through some of the above testing which can be quite stressfull adding more stress to the fire ,if u find yourself in this position try to remain calm and positive and know your are being looked after in a proper fashion.

you may find find your symptoms may get worst before they get better when trying to resolve this ,this is natural as the body accepts change and give it time .but if it is severe consult your doc or a dietitian for advise.

treatments available

there are numourous treatments available again pertaining to your own indivudial needs and symptoms but first remember one golden thing in the back of your mind an ibs diagnosis is a positive one, mainly cause  ibs was diagnosed when other things were ruled out and used as a go between but now it is a condition in its own right based on the pattern of sympoms

the fact that the tests listed above come back negative in most is a very reassuring one and confirms that ibs is a disorder of the bowel function ,resulting in spasms and rhythm probs as listed above

so what can help in the long run ,the following may be of so benefit to some

relaxation therapy

biofeedback {commonly used in constipation }


various other psychologiacal therapies have shown improvement in 70% of cases }


some meds used in ibs are only of limited value and as with all meds there can be un-wanted side effects but the following have been used to some effect

anti-spasmodics {these relax intestinal smooth muscle and may help relieve pain}

anti depressants /anti anxiety meds {these explain themselves and can have a good effect in low dose form to help with ibs-d}

various meds for heartburn /reflux etc

probiotics are of great benefit and i have given them their own page in the health pages and should be used always

in my opinion dietary changes are the ones which have the greatest effect on a persons symptoms but be careful as you get adequate nutrients to provide your body with the health it deserves ,their is a wealth of food sourses avalable out there and plently of different forms of foods to balance the diet if certain ones cause your symptoms to disimprove.

i hope this helps some people in here to gain a better understanding of ibs and an understanding as to improve their quality of life and some reassurance

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