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Pre-During tx advice, labs, tip...

This page is for all those deciding on or starting tx (treatment) for Hep C. We all to often see mistakes made in people on tx, often by Dr.'s that are not too experienced in treating Hep C. The following is a list of 'must do's', tips in tx.


1.) Get Geno Type: 1, 2, 3, 4

SOC (standard of care)  tx time for each:

1-normally 48 weeks, extended to 72 weeks if not UND(undetectable) by week 12.

2, 3, 4-24 weeks, extended if not UND by week 12.

The term RVR (rapid viral responder) is often used also.


If you are not UND by week 4-12 please confer with your Dr. on the need to extend tx.

It is devastating to do 48 weeks tx and relapse.


2.) VL-Viral load test. This measures the amount of virus in your blood. All should get a VL test before starting tx. This way you can track your log drops, when UND.

  VL test-you need one at week 4, 8, 12. Many of us get them at week 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 on tx.

DO request one at week 4. If you are UND at week 4, your % of SVR increase's greatly.


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