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This forum is to discuss ideas for new features and functionality - ways to improve MedHelp. This forum is NOT the place to ask Medical Questions or submit technical issues. If you have a Medical Question, please post it in the appropriate forum. If you have questions, please read our FAQs.

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MedHelp - Groups

What are Groups?


Groups are communities created by MedHelp members to discuss any topic they're interested in. Although MedHelp is a medical site, we recognize that our members have formed friendships on the site and want to discuss and/or debate both medical and non-medical topics. Groups are a great way to keep in touch with a smaller social network of friends.


Who can create a Group?


Any MedHelp member can create a group. To get started, click here


Are Groups moderated?


Groups are moderated by the Founder of the Group. The Founder may also appoint other members of the Group as Moderators, who will help the Founder administer the Group. Founders and Moderators can invite people to private groups, ban members from their groups, write sticky notes, and delete posts. Groups are generally not moderated by MedHelp moderators.


What's the difference between a public and private group?


A public group can be viewed by anyone, can be indexed by search engines, and is open to anyone to join. Private groups are by invitation-only, hidden from search engines, and members without an invite must be approved before they can join the group. Of course, as with anything on the Internet, anything you write can be copied and pasted into a public forum. It should be noted that a private group means that non-members cannot access the group. Membership in a private group is still visible from your profile page.


Are Groups replacing MedHelp Communities?


No, MedHelp Communities will still serve as the main area for users trying to get medical support. The MedHelp Communities will continue to be moderated by MedHelp moderators. If a group becomes large enough, MedHelp may also create a Support Community on the same topic.


What is prohibited in Groups?


In general, you can discuss any topic you'd like in a Group. Try to keep it clean and safe. Be considerate of others! Solicitation will still not be allowed. If you do not like what is discussed in a Group, please refrain from visiting that Group. Founders can also choose to ban members from their Group or prohibit discussions on certain topics in their own Group. 


Is there a limit to how many Groups you can create?


You're welcome to create as many Groups as you can manage on a variety of topics. You can start creating groups here: Start A New Group! 

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