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How to Treat Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair usually will grow out by themselves, but occassionally they may need a little self-care.  From time to time, ingrown hairs may become need the attention of a dermatologist if they become painful and last for more than a few weeks.  There are treatment options that will take care of this medical condition.

Certain areas of the body are more prone to ingrown hairs.  That is because certain areas of the body are more challenging to shave such as pubic area.  Other areas of the body are more prone to razor bumps due to friction between skin and clothing or from body heat.

Home remedies that you can try to treat ingrown hairs are rather simple.  First, use a topical antiseptic.  The best choice would be a product containing buffered fatty alcohol because it has the astringent benefits of alcohol to kill bacteria without the harsh stinging. 


A topical anti-inflammatory may be suitably for some areas.  Always read the directions of the topical application to see if the area infected is listed in the treatment directions. Another home remedy that is effective is putting a warm washcloth over the ingrown hair. 


Other remedies include shaving in a different direction, tweezing, exfoliating or using topical application such as salicylic prepared solutions. 

If home remedies do not work, schedule an appointment with a dermatologist.  He or she will examine the affected area and determine the best course of action.  He or she might prescribe antibiotics if an infection is present.   The dermatologist might also prepare the skin and then extract the ingrown hair using needles or tweezers.  


The dermatologist will follow this with an application of an antiseptic such as hydrogen peroxide or benzyl peroxide.  Usually, the doctor will give instructions on skin care of the area as well as prevention. 

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