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This patient support community is for discussions relating to stress, anger, chronic illness, depression, diabetes, diet and nutrition, divorce or relationship, family, fitness, headaches, memory, panic attacks, pregnancy, relaxation, sex, sleep, and work.

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Dosing Abbreviations

5x/d: five times daily
a: before
ac: before meal(s)
ad: right ear
ad: as directed (used occasionally in error)
AM: morning
bid: twice daily
c: with
cid: fives times daily (rarely used now)
d: daily or day
DAW: Dispense as Written (no generic)
DC, dc, d/c: discontinue (or discharge from hospital)
disp: dispense
DS: double strength
eq: equivalent
fid: five times daily
gen: generic
gr: grain, about 60 mg 
h, hr: hour(s)
HD: high dose
hs: at bedtime
IM: intramuscularly (for injectables)
inj: inject, injection
IV: intravenously (for injectables)
noct: night
nr: no refills
p: after
pc: after meal(s)
pc breakfast: after breakfast
PM: evening or nighttime
po, per os: by mouth
prn: as needed
q: every
q 4 h: every 4 hours
q H PM/PM: every day at hour AM or PM
qam: every morning
qd: every day or once daily
qhs: every night at bedtime, at bedtime nightly
qid: four times daily
qn: every night
qod: every other day

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