Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Community
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This community is an un-mediated, community for questions and support regarding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) issues such as: causes, check locks, check stoves, clean things, count items, dirt, doubt, drugs and medications, family and relationship issues, fear of forgetting, fear that a mistake will harm a loved one, financial issues, germs, horrific images, OCD research , order things, perform rituals, repugnant images, repugnant religious thoughts, repugnant sexual thoughts, , shower, symmetry, symptoms, touch things, treatment, violent images, wash hands

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Dosing Abbreviations

5x/d: five times daily
a: before
ac: before meal(s)
ad: right ear
ad: as directed (used occasionally in error)
AM: morning
bid: twice daily
c: with
cid: fives times daily (rarely used now)
d: daily or day
DAW: Dispense as Written (no generic)
DC, dc, d/c: discontinue (or discharge from hospital)
disp: dispense
DS: double strength
eq: equivalent
fid: five times daily
gen: generic
gr: grain, about 60 mg 
h, hr: hour(s)
HD: high dose
hs: at bedtime
IM: intramuscularly (for injectables)
inj: inject, injection
IV: intravenously (for injectables)
noct: night
nr: no refills
p: after
pc: after meal(s)
pc breakfast: after breakfast
PM: evening or nighttime
po, per os: by mouth
prn: as needed
q: every
q 4 h: every 4 hours
q H PM/PM: every day at hour AM or PM
qam: every morning
qd: every day or once daily
qhs: every night at bedtime, at bedtime nightly
qid: four times daily
qn: every night
qod: every other day

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