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Activities to avoid with Chiari...

The subject no one wants to hear about, but chiari and syringomyelia are life-altering conditions and you WILL have to face that and change some major things in your life. You will find people with these conditions who  continue to do some of these things, but they do so with the knowledge that it can severely alter their current condition for the worse. The following are just some of those No-No’s:

NO neck stressing activities, such as roller-coasters, 4-wheelers, skateboards, horseback riding, motorcycles, wave pools, backpacking, falling asleep in chairs, extended reading with head bent ect.. Anything that “jars” your head and/or spine is a definite no-no.

NO neck stressing sports, such as water skiing, snow skiing, snow boarding, sky diving, bungee jumping, diving, playing tennis, basketball, soccer, football ect (Just trying to cover all the basics – you get the idea.)

NO contact sports.

NO Chiropractor!- Especially at the neck for chiarians and for those with a syrinx, no deep tissue in the area of ur syrinx.(The chiro should be well versed on Both CM/SM)

NO straining which includes straining to reach something, or even straining during a bowel movement. Take a fiber supplement every day if you tend to get blocked up.

NO moving furniture or heavy objects around by pushing, pulling, lifting, or any other way. Pick up nothing heavier than a gallon of milk. I know – that sounds impossible, but keep that gallon of milk in the back of your mind.

NO moving around in the dark!

NO putting yourself into stressful situations or relationships. Try to relax, avoid noise and keep your neck muscles relaxed.

NO twisting your spine – try to keep a good posture with your spine lined up and straight.

NO bending over. lower yourself to the floor by bending your knees – not your back.

NO sudden spinal/neck movements.


NO using the hair wash sink at the hair salon.Instead ask for the special try that most hair salons have that are designed to accommodate people who are unable to bend their head/necks backward.


NO Lifting more than 15 lbs when strength training or backpacking.Heavy lifting is generally not recommended especially if you have a syrinx.


AVOID sleeping in a head down position.


Avoid cervical traction.


Avoid lumbar punctures, spinal taps or epidurals, unless it is a well informed chiari dr....if a LP is drawn too quick it can cause the tonsils to herniate even further.Done incorrectly, this can be very dangerous for a chiarian.


AVOID doing any kind of activity that causes you to bend your head backwards, such as: bending back to gargle, washing hair in the shower ect.


AVOID food with too much salt.Especially for woman during their premenstrual period.


DON'T participate in any physical activity that puts you in jeopardy of falling and or creating trauma of any kind.

DON’T try to keep commitments when you’re feeling badly. Listen to your body.

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