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This is a patient support community for discussion relating to Tourette syndryome.

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Autonomic Dysfunction & Dysauto...

Autonomic Dysfunction & Dysautonomia Index

Our Community:

- The Dysautonomia (Autonomic Dysfunction) Community


Community Leaders:

- HalBashes

- Heiferly

- Evo123


Our Health Pages:

- Autonomic Dysfunction FAQ:  --Includes frequently asked questions about the Autonomic Nervous System, ANS Dysfunctions, and the Vasovagal Reflex.  Also additional resourses for various forms of Dysautonomia and Autonomic Dysfunction such as POTS, NCS, NMS, PAF, MSA, FD, HSAN, and more.

- Diagnosing Dysautonomia:  --A kind of simplistic walkthrough of the (usually quite long) process of diagnosing Dysautonomia and Autonomic Dysfunction.  Includes links to descriptions of both tests that rule out other illnesses, as well as specific testing of the Autonomic Nervous System.

- Dysautonomia Specialists:  --A list of Specialists from all over the world that both diagnose, and treat dysfunctions of the Autonomic Nervous System.  Including links to hospitals with specialty autonomic labs for such as Vanderbilt and Cleveland Clinic.

- Further Reading...:  --A list of many articles relating to disorders of the Autonomic Nervous System written by various doctors, and other researchers.  Whether you have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Neurocardiogenic Syncope, Autoimmune Autonomic Neuropathy, Familial Dysautonomia, or another disorder of the Autonomic Nervous System, this list is a great way to get started on your own research about Dysautonomia.

- Autonomic Dysfunction Treatments:  --There is no cure for Autonomic Dysfunction, but there are treatments to make symptoms more managable.  Here are some of the treatments that have worked for others in our community.

- Lifestyle Changes:  --A guide to lifestyle changes that may help patients with Dysautonomia.  Also includes ideas on avoiding triggers.

- Genetic Dysautonomias:  --There are many different types of Dysautonomia.  Some are genetic, while others are not genetic.  This page contains informational links about several genetic forms of Dysautonomia, as well as genetic diseases related to Dysautonomia such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

- Childhood Dysautonomia:  --Links to articles regarding support of children, and parents of children with Dysautonomia.  Includes links to DYNA articles about education in children with Dysautonomia.

- Other Important Links:  --Important links to Dysautonomia research websites, and foundations researching illnesses that often overlap with Autonomic Dysfunction and Dysautonomia.  This page also contains links to disability services, and news relating to the Dysautonomia.

- MedHelp Expert Activity:  --Expert activity on MedHelp related to Autonomic Dysfunction, Dysautonomia, Vasovagal, POTS, NCS, etc.  Searched for periodically, then added to this page so that it's easier to find.

- Conversational Links:  --Links to several of the more popular conversations within the Dysautonomia and Autonomic Dysfunction community.

- Electrolyte Sports Drinks:  --A list of electrolyte drinks including links to websites, and helpful nutrition information.


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- The Migraine Tracker

- The Sleep Tracker

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- Other Health Trackers

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- The Neurology Community

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- The Chiari Malformation Community

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- The Anxiety Community

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