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WELCOME to the ATAXIA COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Ataxia, which occurs when parts of the nervous system that control movement are damaged. People with ataxia experience a failure of muscle control in their arms and legs, resulting in a lack of balance and coordination or a disturbance of gait.

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Dysautonomia Specialists

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Dysautonomia Specialists

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Dysautonomia Specialist Lists:

- DINETs List of Dysautonomia Specialists

- NDRFs List of Dysautonomia Specialists

- AASs List of Dysautonomia Specialists


Well Known Hospitals With Specialized Autonomic Testing:

- Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Center in Nashville, TN (Adults 18+ only 615-322-2318)

- Cleveland Clinic Autonomic Laboratory /Cleveland Clinic Syncope Clinic in Cleveland, OH(Will see patients under 18 years old 1.800.223.2273 x4-5974 or x4-5975)

- University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OH (Peds and Adults 216-844-1000)

- Mayo Clinic Autonomic Neurology Group at Minnesota in Rochester, MN (Peds 507-538-4206, Adults 507-538-3270)

- Langone Dysautonomia Center in New York, NY (Peds and Adults (212) 263-7225)

- Mount Sinai Autonomic Disorders Research and Treatment Program in New York, NY ((212) 241-7315)


Other Well Known Dysautonomia Specialists:


- Blair P. Grubb, MD
Medical University of Ohio Autonomic Disorders Clinic
3000 Arlington Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614
1-800-321-8383 x 3925


- Julian M. Stewart, MD

New York Medical College Westchester Medical Center for Hypotension

19 Bradhurst Avenue Suite 3050

Valhalla, New York 10595


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