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This patient support community is for discussions relating to ovarian cancer, biopsy, chemotherapy, clinical trials, genetics, hysterectomy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, screening, and staging.

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Remembrances of Friends and Lov...


In Memory of Katherine Christine Owens       




HPIM0861.jpg Kathy and David picture by gah_70 

One of our first Ovarian Cancer Angels 

We miss you.




An Angel  

Ibolya (Violet) Terez Harding

Loving Wife & Soulmate to Steve,

Mother  of  Richard & Phillippa

& Grandmother to Rakan

She fought with every breath,

yet never complained

& always had a smile on her face.

Gone but never forgotten





21st Nov. 1957 - 6th Jan. 2008









 Barbara June LaBarge, Loving mother and friend to Karen, Phillip, Douglas and Michael.  October 2, 1935 - May 18, 2008.  Love You Mostest!









Kathy01-Katherine Owens - July 2007
Violet- Ibolya (Violet) Terez Harding  6- Jan 2008
Barbra June LaBarge- May 2008
Annettis mom - June 2008
OurLady- Oct 2007
Stephers1 (stephanie) - Dec 2007
Libbyisi - July 2008
Finkaz's mom- Sept 2006
Gails Mom - 1997
Jatoos wife Melody - June 2008
Kaz39s mom - Sept 2006
Searching48507s mom - May 2008
Carolyns sister Sharon - May 2008
Freshair (helen) - April 2008
alanpvegas' mom - Oct 2007
rmarie (rita marie Berdan) - Feb 2008
SaminUK's mom - Oct 2007
Yvonne Silcox - June 2008
Jan214s mom - 1964   Marjorie Mae Richardson Hayes
Amaris' mom -Jan 2007
Amy1954s mom 1999
Chandons mom - March 2008
Karla Joy Moe - July 2007
Helmar (Helen) - Aug 2008
Camille Woodis- Feb 2008 (dear friend of Jan 214)
Marikay Hayes (Curious Daughter's Mom)- May 2008

Janet Claire Egner - Oct. 28, 2008 (teddyboy 69's mom)

Lorraine Clément - Nov. 3, 2008  (SylvieC's mom)

Lucas, Leslee - Oct 9 2008 [ SimplyStar's  daughter

Marshall, Donna Armstrong  Oct 30, 2008

Shirley Irene Southward {November 1st 1926 - October 11th 2006}  Shirley &

Doris Jean Davidson {October 1st 1930 - June 2nd 1980}       Doris were sisters.

Joy's mom - Dot Bell passed Feb. 19, 2009 

Paula Fischer - (PF_PVD) December 28, 2008

Joanne Lockamy - January 20, 2009

Cindy McGrath - March 13, 2009
Jan Hyberger (Hayes) - April 23, 2009

Dawn Snyder - April 25, 2009

Terrin 2 (Amy) June 1, 2009

Mary (Raven Lady) July 4, 2009

MaggieB -Margaret Blomberg (OVCA.net) September 27, 2009

JustApril's mom, Althea October 6, 2009

Chris Recco- October 21, 2009

Karen Burns - January 24, 2010



 In Memory of Leslee Ann Lucas

March 7, 1957  -  October 9th,  2008






Somewhere over the rainbow,
I'll find my way to the sky
Where voices of my loved one's,
Sing sweet lullibies.

Somewhere over the rainbow,
My love will fall from the skies,
And I full of new powers
Will dance along with butterflies.

somewhere over the rainbow
all ways of light and gleam
one day we'll all be together
Picture of beautiful dreams.

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
The love we'll have is forever
I've found my way to the sky.












1949 - 2009


A woman with a gentle spirit, a warm touch, a compassionate smile

and most of all, full of unconditional love.


I miss you.














Sharon Lynne Beaudoin

Feb. 13/54 – Jan. 26/10

She was fearless with a ready wit and a zest for living life to the fullest.  She told it like it is and supported so many of the women here.  She will be lovingly missed.


















Rebecca Hubbert


Deandra Trevino Salem

left us way too soon on July 19, 2010.

We miss you.






Kathleen Parker

September 18, 2010


Loving mother of Carolyn who bravely fought her battle more than 5 years 





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