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Who's Having Chemo?


Paula had a great idea for a post about who is having chemo so why don't we keep a list here and update it as necessary.  This can be edited so that would make it much easier than a post or everyone trying to keep a calendar.  It is accessible to everyone and it can be our Community Calendar. I think I will start one for surgeries also.  I hope this catches on!!!!   So, I will start.  Please use your screenname (that's what we know you by) and fit your name in alphabetically.  Please use the format I have below so it is easier to see the names. Thanks and I hope this works for everyone.

Angie_Lou 3rd line of chemotherapy, carbo alone.  Start date: Aug 17, 2009
crecco - navelbine started July 29, 2009
doicat  Carbo/Taxol 7 treatments started Oct. 27 Allergic reation to Taxol but going on!
gah_70    Currently on Aromasin since May 2008.
hindat   Carbo/Gemzar started in July 09 will follow with maintence
jamiann5  Mother on avastin infusions and oral cytoxan and methotrexate starting 9/12/08
Jan214     4th Drug  Carbo/Doxil 10/9/08
Janet535   Patupilone - Commenced 27th Feb 2008 - ongoing
Jen Y        Mother is on weekly Taxol+Iressa
Junamgen  Taxol-4cys,Abraxane-7cys, 04/16/08 last one for consolidation chemo
Leslee     Doxil for recur q4 weeks 9 months so far
Lizt06       IV/IP Cisplatin and Taxol - started 11/29/07 just finished 03/20/08
PinkTissues mum  Doxil for 1st recurrence. Gemzar/Navelvine not working - started 15/4/2009
RuthP  Carbo/Taxol began 4/22/09. Will have a total of six treatments.

Sherrygail  Body rejected Carboplatin so Taxol only 1st recurrence 8/15/2008 - ??

SudiQD    carbo/taxol one more on 9/16/08
Tybear    Avastin and Cylophosphamide (Cytoxan) for recurrence - CT scan Mar 31st
Tato4ka  Doxil, 7th course 20/06/2008 for 2nd recurrence
Teresa222 Doxil for first recurrence 12-08. I have four more treatments in 2009
Westajul  oxaliplatin/5-fu/avastin/levoquin bi-monthly,  start date 9/22/08. 1st recurrence 
Yrrek        IV/IP //taxol and cisplatin. Ended April 10th, 2008
Kaylouise25xx    Carbo/Taxol - Started 06.10.08 on 4th now 2 to go due to end 21.01.09
deltaj49  Carbo/Gemzar - starting Jan 27  1st recurrence 6 rounds, followed by radiation
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