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Stay Healthy at Animal Exhibits...

Stay healthy at animal exhibits this summer!


Let's make this spring and summer healthier seasons! Below are some tips to help you prevent illness when visiting animal exhibits.

If you are visiting an animal exhibit:

Hand-washing stations
  • Find out where hand-washing stations are located.
  • Always wash your hands after petting animals or touching the animal enclosure, especially before eating and drinking.
  • Running water and soap are best. Use hand gels if running water and soap are not available.

Food and drinks

  • Keep food and drinks out of animal areas.
  • Do not share your food with animals.
  • Do not eat or drink raw (unpasteurized) dairy products.


  • Children younger than 5 years old need supervision
  • Never allow children to put their hands or objects (For example: pacifiers) in their mouth while interacting with animals.
  • Hand washing should be supervised. 

Elderly persons or others who might have a difficult time fighting off infections should use special precautions. . 


If you manage an animal exhibit: 

Facility design

  • Design the exhibit so that animal areas are separate from areas where people may eat food.
  • Use signs to state where the animal and food areas are.
  • Install hand washing stations at the exit for the animal exhibit. Make sure that some of the hand-washing stations are low enough for children to reach!


  • Educate visitors to wash their hands after handling animals.
  • Do not allow visitors to kiss or otherwise allow their mouths to come into contact with animals or their enclosures.
  • Train staff and educate visitors about preventing disease transmission from animals to humans.
  • Use a variety of methods to provide information to 
    the public. For example, use brochures, signs, and verbal instructions.


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