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Pregnancy Symptom: Diarrhea


What It Feels Like

Diarrhea is loose, soft, watery, and frequent stool for which you'll probably need to go to the bathroom very frequently. Diarrhea can happen at any time during your pregnancy.

Why Do You Get Diarrhea

Diarrhea is usually caused by a bacteria or viral infection.

How To Deal With Diarrhea

  • Drink lots of water. Try to get about 12-14 glasses per day. This will replace the fluid you lose and make sure that your blood pressure remains normal. 

  • Try eating some dry toast or rice. 

  • You may need to test your stool for infection and get treatment, so check with your doctor. 

Risks to Your Baby

Diarrhea, if left untreated, causes dehydration and loss of calories. This can put your baby at risk, so if you have diarrhea for an extended amount of time or a lot of diarrhea, you may need to go to the hospital for an IV. 


Diarrhea by Pregnancy Week


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