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Pregnancy Symptom: Leg Cramps


Leg Cramps

What It Feels Like

At different times during your pregnancy, you might have sudden muscle spasms or pain in your legs, feet or thigh. They are typically followed by a general ache. They usually occur at night and are more common in the third trimester.

Why do you get leg cramps?

Leg cramps are usually due to a change in the way your body processes calcium. Low calcium levels in the blood can cause leg cramps, as well as a salt deficiency. 

How To Prevent and Alleviate Leg Cramps 

  • Gently stretch muscles.
  • Get mild exercise.
  • For sudden cramps, flex your foot up and push into the heel.
  • Eat calcium-rich foods.
  • Ask your doctor about calcium supplements.

There is generally no risk to the baby.

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