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Pregnancy Symptom: Rib Pain

Rib Pain

What It Feels Like

Rib pain feels like a soreness and tenderness of the ribs. You usually feel it on the right side below your breast. The pain is usually exacerbated when you sit down. Rib pain usually only happens in the third trimester. 

Why do you feel rib pain?

As your womb rises in your abdomen, your ribs get compressed. Your baby may also be bruising your lower ribs with his/her head or by punching and kicking you in the ribs. Don't worry, the baby doesn't mean any harm!

How to Manage Rib Pain

  • Improve your posture. Sit and straight up straight. 
  • Prop yourself up on cushions when you lie down. 
  • Wear clothes that don't compress your ribs. 
Rib pain will usually go away on its own when the baby's head drops into the pelvic cavity before birth. 

There is typically no risk to your baby from rib pain. 

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