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This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in November 2009.

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Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 10...

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Week 10



At week 10, you’re a fourth of the way there! Big things are happening this week as your baby enters the fetal period.

Pregnancy MomWhat Is Happening To Your Body

You might begin to feel better this week as your morning sickness starts to ease. Your abdomen may start to pooch out. This will be more from bowel distention than the growth in your uterus. Pregnancy hormones can cause the bowel muscles to relax, which can cause constipation. Eating lots of fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains; drinking water; and exercising can help get things back on track.


Your weight gain should be steady at this point. If you are not gaining weight, talk to your healthcare provider. Though it is different for each woman, weight gain is usually the first indication of a growing baby.


As your blood volume increases to accommodate for the growing baby, you may feel warmer than usual and also notice veins appearing on your breasts, legs and abdomen. Fear not — these veins will disappear when your blood volume returns to normal after delivery.

Pregnancy BabyWhat Is Happening To Your Baby

The end of this week is the end of your baby’s embryonic period and the start of the fetal period. This is when the embryo truly begins resembling a little human.


At this stage the crown to rump length is 1.3 to 1.7 inches (3.2 to 4.3 cm), or roughly the size of a kumquat or prune. Your baby should weight roughly 0.2 ounces (5.7 grams).

Tiny toes are forming and the eyes are mostly open but will begin to fuse shut and will remain shut until weeks 25 to 27. External ears and an upper lip are beginning to form and tooth buds are forming inside the mouth.


From this week on to about week 20, your baby will be growing quickly. This leads to many changes for you as well.




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Ultrasound images courtesy of GE Healthcare


The clinical images and information presented in this application represent normal fetal growth during a typical pregnancy.  The images and information are to be used for educational purposes only  and not for diagnostic purposes.  Please consult a licensed physician regarding any specific questions pertaining to your pregnancy.


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