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This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in November 2009.

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Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 11...

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Week 11 

Pregnancy MomWhat Is Happening To Your Body

To fully nourish your baby, weight gain is necessary. Over the entire pregnancy, doctors recommend that you gain 25 to 35 pounds (11.3 to 15.9 kg). During the first trimester, you should be gaining 1 to 2 pounds a month (up to 6 pounds this trimester).

Some women lose weight in the first trimester due to nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. Be sure to check with your doctor to see if your weight gain is on track.


As this week progresses, you may find that your appetite is returning. Remember that good nutrition is important for both you and your baby. Don’t forget to eat healthfully and take your prenatal vitamins.


Starting this week, your doctor can perform a chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test on you, which tests for chromosomal abnormalities and inherited disorders.


Pregnancy BabyWhat Is Happening To Your Baby


Your baby measures about 1.8 to 2.3 inches (4.4 to 5.7cm) long from crown to rump, or about the length of a lime. Your baby weighs about 0.3 ounces (8.5 g).


Your baby will be growing rapidly over the next 9 weeks from roughly 2 inches (5.1 cm) to 6 inches (15.2 cm). With this rapid growth, the blood vessels in the placenta are increasing in size and volume to provide the baby with more nutrients.


Your baby’s head is also developing. At this stage, its size accounts for about half the body’s length! Its ears are moving toward to their final position on the sides of the head.


The baby’s eyes are still very wide apart and the eyelids are fused shut. The irises, the colored part of the eyes, are also developing.


Some of your baby’s organs are also almost complete including the pancreas, thyroid and gall bladder.



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Ultrasound images courtesy of GE Healthcare


The clinical images and information presented in this application represent normal fetal growth during a typical pregnancy.  The images and information are to be used for educational purposes only  and not for diagnostic purposes.  Please consult a licensed physician regarding any specific questions pertaining to your pregnancy.


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