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Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 25...

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Week 25



Pregnancy MomWhat Is Happening To Your Body

Soon you will begin to see your healthcare provider more often to monitor fetal heartbeat, movement and your fundal height as well as your overall health.


Pregnancy can be difficult on your digestion. The pregnancy hormone, progesterone, slows down the emptying of the stomach and relaxes the valve at the entrance of the stomach. This results in heartburn, also known as acid reflux. Try eating smaller meals, do not eat right before lying down and avoid eating spicy or fatty foods.


It is also common for pregnant women to suffer from bladder infections. Often, the baby places pressure on the urethra, which blocks the flow of urine. If you think you might have a bladder infection, seek medical help as soon as possible.


Pregnancy BabyWhat Is Happening To Your Baby

Your baby measures about 13.6 inches (34.6 cm) long from head to heel, or roughly the length of an eggplant. At this point, your baby weighs around 1.5 pounds (680.4 grams).

Your baby’s spine is beginning to form its structures as the blood vessels of the lungs start developing. Some small blood vessels are starting to form beneath your baby’s skin. As these blood vessels begin to fill with blood, the baby’s skin will take on a pink appearance.


Your baby also has fully formed fingerprints, its bones continue to harden and its nostrils are starting to open.





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Ultrasound images courtesy of GE Healthcare


The clinical images and information presented in this application represent normal fetal growth during a typical pregnancy.  The images and information are to be used for educational purposes only  and not for diagnostic purposes.  Please consult a licensed physician regarding any specific questions pertaining to your pregnancy.



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