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Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins around the anus or in the lower rectum. Discuss topics including external vs. internal hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid bleeding, hemorrhoid creams, symptoms and treatments for hemorrhoids.

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Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 6...

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Week 6



Pregnancy Mom

What Is Happening To Your Body

Pregnancy symptoms may grow stronger this week, including morning sickness, which, contrary to its name, can occur at any time of day. You may also find yourself making a lot of bathroom runs, as an increase in blood flow to your pelvic area, a growing uterus, and increasingly efficient kidneys are increasing the need to urinate.

Pregnancy BabyWhat Is Happening To Your Baby

Your baby measures about 1/12 to 1/6 inch (2.1 to 4.2 mm) long from crown to rump, making it slightly larger than an average apple seed.


The baby’s arm and leg buds have formed webbed structures that will become the hands and feet. It also now has a distinguishable body and head, and is starting to develop facial features. And, just 4 weeks since conception, your baby now has a brain.


Though your baby’s heart is no bigger than the size of a poppy seed, it is beating on its own and has begun circulating blood throughout its body. Your baby’s heartbeat may be visible through a vaginal ultrasound.










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Ultrasound images courtesy of GE Healthcare


The clinical images and information presented in this application represent normal fetal growth during a typical pregnancy.  The images and information are to be used for educational purposes only  and not for diagnostic purposes.  Please consult a licensed physician regarding any specific questions pertaining to your pregnancy.




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