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What to Pack for the Hospital -...

When it comes to the big day, people always wonder what to bring for the mother. But when the time comes, she’ll be busy laboring and the father is the one who’s going to need the packed things.

Here’s a general guideline for what the father should bring to the hospital or birth center for their own use. Feel free to add or remove things according to your own needs.


  • A change of clothes. In case labor is a lot longer than expected. Plus you might not leave the hospital until the baby is ready to leave as well.
  • Sweater in case it gets cold and you need to layer up.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Razor to shave with
  • Pillow and Blanket to sleep with
  • Medications that you take regularly or will be needing at the hospital
  • Pain killers should you get a headache. Everyone will be busy at the hospital.
  • Hints or notes (from books or classes) that you want to have handy for the big day.
  • Camera, batteries, video, film, and any other device you are going to use to record this day. You will be held responsible for this and will be the one being scolded if it gets missed.
  • Cell phone and a list of people that you would like to call during and after labor
  • Change or a calling card incase a cell phone isn’t allowed in a hospital
  • Snacks that will last you through the day and so you don’t have to buy anything. Avoid anything that might annoy the mother (smelly foods such as onion or garlic). Powerbars work well.
  • Water
  • Music and music player for both you and the mother.
  • Labor support tools that the mother might want: massage tools, oils, etc.
  • Pen and paper to write things down on (who you need to thank later, who gave gifts, etc.)
  • Watch to help time the minutes between contractions
  • Entertainment in case you have a few free moments: A book, magazine, gaming device or puzzles.

It helps to pack your own bag so that you know where everything is and make sure to keep it separate from the mom’s hospital bag so they don’t get confused. It also makes it easier for your wife because you can stay out of her own planning for the big day.

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